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SCUAD: Social, Cultural, Unity and Diversity Team
The SCUAD will be a spiritual team tasked to advise and support the eldership and the leadership of the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ in navigating issues of culture and diversity that effect the church and the community.
The SCUAD will also plan and organize events to celebrate cultural diversity and promote unity.
At the direction of the ecclesiastical leadership, the SCUAD may train small group leaders in the church in areas of culture, race and diversity.

Nominations will be open October 6-17, 2021

A member may nominate themselves or another member.

The initial group will be compromised of 6-10 people but may expand later.

If selected the candidate will commit to:
Minimum of a two year term
Monthly Meetings
Independent work between meetings
Active participation in created activities
Special meetings as needed (subcommittees,event preparation)
Personal development work in the area of diversity and unity

There is also an interview process that will take place once nominations close.
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