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Technology Check Out Form
An iPad (grades K-5) or a MacBook (grade 6) is being loaned to your child to assist him/her in continuing his/her education during this time. This form must be completed before picking up your son's/daughter's device. Once forms have been submitted, our technology staff will prepare the device. A schedule will be developed and once it has been finalized it will be communicated so that you can pick up the device and other material the student may need to complete academic activities assigned by his/her teacher.
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Please check the appropriate item below indicating you agree to the terms of this agreement. If you do NOT agree, check "I do NOT agree" and/or "My child has access to another device." Your child will not receive a device. If your child does not receive/have a device, your child's education will be delivered through an alternative method to be determined by his/her teacher. *
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