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Money In Your 30's
Hi there, and thanks for being willing to tell your "money in your 30's" story! One of the things I'm most passionate about with running my site is sharing the money stories of others. As a 37 year old breadwinning mom, I don't often see series sharing the money stories of 30-somethings. Whether you're deeply in debt, a multi-millionaire, or just plugging along - you're not alone!

I'd love to be able to share more about your story. Tell me more about your current money situation, and where you hope to go, using the form below.

The questions for this series are very open ended, to give you the opportunity to tell your story the way you want to. Most articles on my site are over 1,000 words, and I ask that you include only original content. Please -no affiliate links, and generally I’d ask no more than around 5 links to your site (if you run a website).

If you have a few pictures you would like me to feature in the article, please send them along! If you don’t send pictures I will find some to use, but since this is a personal interview readers would love to see pictures of you and your life.

Here are the questions – and if you need more information, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

Have an awesome day!

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Tell us about yourself! (General introduction of you, your family/spouse/partner if applicable, your background-give readers an idea of who you are) *
What is your age, career and location? (provide your age, current job/career, and location. The location can be general - a county or province rather than a town) *
What is your salary, net worth, and debt? (Provide your current salary, current net worth - or estimate- and a list of your current debts) *
Where do you hope to be financially in five years? Ten years? (describe your ideal financial situation five and ten years from now. Be as descriptive as possible) *
What financial questions do you have? (ask away! The readers and CMO will help answer any questions you might have about savings, debt payoff, increasing a salary, retirement, investing, or anything else money related) *
Where can readers find you? (Link to your blog, Twitter, Instagram and/or email, or leave blank if you want to be anonymous)
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