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MIDP Academic Year 2020 Registration Form: September - November Intake
We are excited to announce that the registration for the September - November 2020 intake is now open! Please complete this registration form by filling in all the requested particulars. Upon registration, you will receive an email with instructions for settlement of semester and Year End Assessment fees. Your registration will only be confirmed once the payment of semester fees has been made.

The Academic Year will be divided into 3 semesters (1 month break in between):
- Semester I/2020 (January - March)
- Semester II/ 2020 (May - July)
- Semester III/2020 (September - November)

The following are the semester fees for our courses:
1. Competitive Debating: RM 900 + 6% SST = RM 954
2. Public Speaking: RM 600 + 6% SST = RM 636
3. Holistic Learning: RM 900 + 6% SST = RM 954
4. Eloquent Juniors: RM 600 + 6% SST = RM 636

You can refer to for more details on our classes.

For the September - November semester, please note that there will be an EXTRA FEE OF RM53 as students will be taking the Year End Assessments (YEA) on the 28th and 29th November, which encompasses a test and a competition for all MIDP students, after which they will be scored and ranked, and high achievers will receive medals, while all participants will receive a certificate and a report card for the semester. The attendance is compulsory, and you may contact us for enquiries, or if there any concerns about the YEA.

No pro-rated or instalment payments are allowed. For siblings or students who enrol in more than one class, an exception can be made for the semester fees to be paid in two instalments.

Note: You need to fill in this form for every student you wish to enrol. You may register one student for more than 1 course. However, you need to fill in this form for each of the courses.

If you have any inquiries, do contact us here:
MIDP Office - 03 7731528
Azim Nadzari, Head of Training & Development - 6010 7813245
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