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[CA] SJ 8th Album Order

Please read throughout and carefully before filling and placing this order form with SJWORLD.

🔹 This form is for orders placing within the state of California
🔹Meet-up: Lakewood, La Puente, Los Angeles
🔹Ships: within California state

🔹UPDATE 10/31/2017: Each album cost is $14.50 (that does not include shipping)
Black Suit is Version 1
One More Chance is Version 2
if you order 1 version only, it's a random poster. If you order both versions, you'll get both posters.

🔹We are collecting, $21 per album this includes shipping from Leesmusic to SJ World Staff

🔹Shipping from SJWorld Staff to you:

🔹With folded posters via media mail including cost of bubble mailer envelopes:
1-2 Album(s) - $4
3 albums - $5
4 albums - $5.50
5 albums - $6.50

🔹With rolled posters including cost of bubble mailer and tube
Albums via media mail
Posters via first class
1-2 Album(s) - $9
3 albums - $5 + $10 posters
4 albums - $5.50 + $14 posters
5 albums - $6.50 + $14 posters

🔹Any excess collected will be refunded at meetup or PayPal. (This depends on your choice of delivery method.)

🔹Our preorder batch was sent out but the Second Order will probably be placed in the third week of November and orders will probably arrive to you Mid-December. Please be patient in receiving your order. All of our staff members have full time jobs so we are trying our best to ship your orders in a timely manner.

For any questions before filling out the form, please email with the title: Your City and State

Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a response. Thank you!

#SJReturns let's go ELF! 💙
Black Suit version & One More Chance version
Posters for PLAY
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BLACK SUIT version, please list down the number of albums you want for this version: *
Example: If you order 8 albums & you want 4 version of each one. Please list down 4 in this section and 4 in the One More Chance version section.
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ONE MORE CHANCE version, please list down the number of albums you want for this version: *
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