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New York Welsh | Cymry Efrog Newydd
Welcome to New York Welsh!

Here are three quick ways to get involved:

1. Complete this short questionnaire
By giving us an idea about your interests and your area of work we can link you with special events and contacts which might be useful to you. We also recommend joining the New York Welsh Facebook and LinkedIn groups!

2. Upcoming events
If you haven't done so already, check out the page and the Facebook group to find out about what's coming up. Contact us at with details of your own events for us to share.

3. Monthly Meetup
Every month on a Thursday we hold a get together for people to stop in for a drink after work. All the dates are posted on the website and the Facebook group!


Croeso i Gymry Efrog Newydd!

Dyma dair ffordd sydyn i ymuno:

1. Cyflawni'r holiadur byr yma
Os allwch roi syniad o'ch diddordebau a'r maes yr ydych yn gweithio ynddi, mi allwn eich cysylltu â'r digwyddiadau sydd o ddiddordeb i chi. Awgrymwn hefyd i chi ymuno efo'n grwpiau Facebook a LinkedIn.

2. Digwyddiadau'r dyfodol
Os nad ydych wedi cael cyfle eto, edrychwch ar dudalen a'r grwp Facebook i ddarganfod beth sy'n dod i fyny. Os ydych yn cynnal digwyddiad ei'ch hun, cysylltwch efo ni ar i ni allu ei hyrwyddo.

3. Cyfarfod Misol
Ar nos Iau, o bob mis, mi rydym yn cyfarfod am ddiod ar ôl gwaith. Mae'r dyddiadau yn cael eu postio ar y wefan a’r grwp Facebook.

Email address
1. First Name | Enw Cyntaf
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2. Last Name | Cyfenw
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3. Field of Work | Maes Gwaith
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4. Please provide us with your home post code/ zip code so that we can organise event locations that are convenient for the group [response not obligatory].
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5. Please provide us with your work post code/ zip code so that we can organise event locations that are convenient for the group [response not obligatory].
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6. Would you like to receive a monthly email with highlights of Welsh events in the city? ___________________________________________________________________________ Byddwch chi am dderbyn ebost unwaith pob mis yn tynnu sylw at digwyddiadau Cymraeg yn y ddinas?
7. Would you be interested in attending an annual gala for the New York Welsh membership? ___________________________________________________________________________ Oes diddordeb gyda chi i fynychu gala blynnyddol ar gyfer aeloaeth Cymry Efrog Newydd?
8. Can we share your name, email address and field of work on a database for other members of New York Welsh only? ___________________________________________________________________________ Gallwn ni rhannu eich enw, ebost a maes eich gwaith ar gronfa ddata efo aelodau arall Cymry Efrog Newydd yn unig?
9. On which social media platforms do you follow New York Welsh? ___________________________________________________________________________ Ar ba lwyfannau cyfrwng cymdeithasol ydych chi'n dilyn Cymry Efrog Newydd?
10. Let us know what you like about New York Welsh, what you dislike and how things could be improved. Any ideas welcome! ______________________________________________________________________________ Dywedwch wrthom beth ydych chi’n hoffi am Gymry Efrog Newydd, beth nad ydych chi’n hoffi a sut y gallai pethau gwella. Croeso i unrhyw syniadau!
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