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AAJ Submission Form
If you have climbed a new route, please report it to us quickly. The AAJ posts edited reports online ( all year and prior to print publication.

To make a submission, either fill out the form below or email reports and photos to, or to the appropriate editor:

- United States (including Alaska): Michael Levy (
- South America except Bolivia: Dougald MacDonald (
- Canada, Mexico, New Zealand: Whitney Clark (
- Himalaya, Karakoram, China, Greenland, Bolivia, Europe, Antarctica: Lindsay Griffin (
- Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan: Dougald MacDonald (
- Art, photos, and cover submissions: Dougald MacDonald (

* Foreign Language Submissions: Our submission guidelines are translated for some foreign languages. Please email us if you're interested in translating these guidelines for other languages. Currently available: Korean (
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Your Report
Author Name *
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Location of Climb or Expedition *
(Country, mountain range, mountain/wall; include latitude and longitude, if available.)
Date(s) of Climb *
Dates of Trip/Expedition
Climbers' Names *
Route(s) or Climbs Completed *
(Please include the name of the mountain/wall and its elevation, the aspect of each climb [north, south, etc.], grades for each climb, and the length/vertical gain of each climb.)
(Did you use fixed ropes? Did you climb all free or pull on gear? Did all team members climb all free? Did you go the true summit or stop at a ridge or sub-peak?)
Narrative Report *
(Please tell us the story of your climb below. This is the report that will appear in print and online. Reports are typically 300–500 words long but are sometimes longer. Please give us the facts, relevant history, and logistical information. Tell us a good story.)
Photos, Artwork, Maps, and Videos
Send us your photos! They may be sent by email to the appropriate editor (or to

Feel free to use Dropbox or similar online download services. If you need FTP or other delivery information, please contact us. It's important you provide pictures showing the peak/wall and the route(s). Please send us “action” shots as well. For route images, please draw your route on a high/medium-resolution image or a scan. If appropriate, please include existing routes. Please also send a high-resolution copy of the same photo without any route lines.

For print, we require resolution of at least 300 dpi (120 pixels/cm) at 6 inches (15.25 cm) for the horizontal dimension (width). If you have a lot of photos, please send lower-resolution images first. We will request high-resolution copies of the ones we plan to print. If this is confusing, just send what you have to the appropriate editor. For videos, email us the link or footage directly.
What We Publish
Since 1929 the AAJ has been the world’s “journal of record” for documenting significant new climbs. We seek reports on big new routes anywhere in the world—usually at least five pitches long. If the route or developments in an area are especially significant, we will document shorter climbs. We may report a repeat ascent if the peak or route has not been climbed in many years; if there have been major changes in conditions on the mountain or crag; if the style is new (example: first free ascent); if the ascent was exceptionally fast; if it was the first winter ascent; or if the report supplies vital information for future climbers.

We do not publish reports on first "national" ascents (for example, the first American or Italian ascent).
Compensation and Copyright
The AAJ does not pay contributors. We have always depended on the generosity of contributors to create this essential resource for the world’s climbers. Thank you!

The American Alpine Club (AAC) copyrights the entire AAJ. However, authors and photographers retain all rights to their individual contributions. Unless specifically requested otherwise, the AAJ will assume permission to publish all submitted text, photos, illustrations and other documents at the AAJ website ( or in the annual print AAJ. The American Alpine Club also retains the right to republish your text and photographs in other AAJ-related publications, in print or online, with no compensation. Since authors and photographers retain all rights to their work, you may re-use it without permission from the AAC.

The American Alpine Club is a nonprofit organization that publishes and preserves authoritative climbing information and represents the interests of all kinds of climbers.
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The AAJ is made possible by the AAC. Visit to join the club or make a donation in support of the AAJ.
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