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Women's Leadership Fellows Program Application 2018-2019
Learn more about the WLF program:

Submit a complete application by 5pm on Monday, September 10, 2018

A $50 enrollment fee for the year is required to help offset the cost of dinner, books/resources, and programming.

This is a one time payment.

If one cannot make this payment, this will not be an impediment to your participation.

If you are selected to participate in WLF, concerns about payment should be directed to Denise Riebman at

Evaluation Criteria
1. Interest in the program, demonstrated by:
a. Effort put into the application
b. Ability to meet time commitment
c. Clear goals for participation

2. Leadership potential, demonstrated by:
a. Thoughts about leadership/what it means to be a leader/how to be a leader
b. Introspective regarding how you present as a leader/how you interact with other people as a leader
or on a team, and how you can improve as a leader
c. Interest in women’s leadership

3. Diversity/what diversity adds to the program:
a. Experience/background (based on range of resume and/or attributes addressed in the application)
b. Leadership experience

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