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Hot New Product of the Week
A new series aimed at helping new brands and emerging products get exposure to outdoor retailers, marketers, and media.

It’s your big shot! You find yourself in an elevator with someone who has the ability to take your company to a new level of success. You have one-minute to pitch her on your company or product. Go!

You'll find some good tips here:

**IMPORTANT** Please also send a hi-res photo of your product, sized at 720 pixels wide, to include with this piece at
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1. Opening statement about either your company as a whole or a specific product you make. Can be no longer than 25 words, one sentence. Example of company statement: We make innovative lightweight, durable backpacks, carry-ons and luggage packed with smart features aimed at taking the hassle out of travel. Example of product statement: The Vagabond is the most convenient carry-on bag ever developed, combining precision organization features, integrated power source, security features, and weatherproofness. *
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Company name (if pitching a company) or product name (if pitching a specific product) *
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2. CEO/President/Founder name and title *
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3. The Pitch: Your pitch can be no longer than 300 words. IMPORTANT: Write it in the 1st person plural, as if you are presenting your pitch in an elevator. Make it good. We do not edit these, except to correct typos. *
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4. Website url *
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Does this product involve a current, active crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter, etc.)? *
If yes, what's the link to the crowdfunding campaign?
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If yes, when does the campaign end?
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