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Beginning of the year info 2019-2020
Hello and welcome to a new year as part of the BHS Instrumental Music Program. We want to make sure that you receive all of this year's important information, so please fill out the form below in its entirety.
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The Band and Orchestra programs at BHS work closely with our parent booster organization, the Instrumental Music Parent Association (IMPA). IMPA provides financial and volunteer resources throughout the year to help the Instrumental Music Program thrive at BHS. In addition to building a community among BHS instrumental music families, IMPA provides financial support for everything from private lesson scholarships to sheet music. Several times a month IMPA will communicate with instrumental music families about concert details, opportunities for volunteering, student fundraising options, and more. To receive these communications, please answer "Yes" to the question below and provide the appropriate e-mail(s).
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IMPA has several opportunities to help with specific upcoming projects, including the Plant & Wreath Sale. Are you interested in learning more about the available project opportunities?
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It is very important for students and parents to be on the same page for all of the resources that the directors share with families. Please save the website link ad check them out every so often.

Band Website;

Orchestra Website;

IMPA Website
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Every year it is important to view and access the handbook as updated material regularly appears or is needed via district policy.

Orchestra Handbook:

Band Students Ignore.
I have viewed and accept all of the Orchestra Policies for the 2019-2020 school year. (Please type your name below). Band Students Ignore. *
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