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Health Literacy Survey
On a scale from very easy to very difficult, how easy would you say it is to: …
1 very difficult
2 fairly difficult
3 fairly easy
4 very easy
5 don't know

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Find information on treatments of illnesses that concern you?
Find out where to get professional help when you are ill?  
Understand what your doctor says to you?      
Understand your doctor’s or pharmacist’s instruction on how to take a prescribed medicine?
Judge when you may need to get a second opinion from another doctor?
Use information the doctor gives you to make decisions about your illness?
Follow instructions from your doctor or pharmacist?
Find information on how to manage mental health problems like stress or depression?
Understand health warnings about behaviour such as smoking, low physical activity and drinking too much?
Understand why you need health screenings?      
Judge if the information on health risks in the media is reliable?  
Decide how you can protect yourself from illness based on information in the media?  
Find out about activities that are good for your mental well-being?  
Understand advice on health from family members or friends?
Understand information in the media on how to get healthier?  
Judge which everyday behaviour is related to your health?  
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