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OHN15 DIY Application

OzHadou will once again be providing space for DIY tournaments at OHN15, giving games not featured as part of the trophy / medal line-up an opportunity to shine. Unfortunately the bulk of set-ups being provided by OzHadou will be going to trophy games, which is why we're asking the community to help fill the gap for smaller titles.

This is a great opportunity for community members to step-up, provide casuals and run tournaments for smaller games in the scene they would like to see represented. Applications close on July 7th, 2017 with the line-up to be revealed shortly after.

Note: You can apply to run tournaments for multiple games but please create a separate form for each.

What game would you like to be considered for DIY this year?
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Are you looking to run a tournament or just provide casual setups?
How many set-ups are being provided?
Please specify the number of both monitors and consoles + any extras like sticks/pads
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Are these set-ups able to be shared with other DIY titles? If so, what other games are on the consoles?
Note: All DLC is required for all games
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Who will be running the tournament (name + registered handle)
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Please supply a contact email and mobile number
so we're able to contact you if your game is successful
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