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C.L. Hunter Street team interest form
Thank you for your interest in joining the team.

The following are the rules for participating in the Street Team. You are here because you expressed interest in wanting to help me share my books as well as stay visible so new readers can find me.

1. When a mission is posted and you share, tag Jennifer Wedmore in your post.
2. Leave a comment on the mission post and any share request post in this group after each time you share.
3. If you see a contest that my books might fit in, post to the group or bring it to mine or Jennifer's attention to get the group to share and nominate my books.
4. Be respectful to each other. I (CL) don’t tolerate negativity toward others. This is a positive group with one common interest.
5. Have fun and enjoy!

If you agree to the above rules, please fill out the form to the best of your abilities. Its not necessary to have read all of the books, but please fill out the complete form.

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