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December 2016 Advanced Craft Workshop Application
To be considered for an Advanced Craft Workshop, you must complete a two-step application process:

Step 1 is to complete the form below.

Step 2 is to send your writing sample (4000 words or less - 12 point type, double-spaced with one-inch margins) as an attachment to no later than 24 hours after this form has been submitted.

No exceptions will be made. Please include in your email header the month and year of the workshop you are applying for, plus your name. Example: "December 2016 - Sam Smith." Applications will close Wednesday, November 2, 2016. Questions? Call us at 512-499-8914

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1.) Have you taken the Writers' League class "How to Workshop Your Writing"? *
2.) If you answered "yes" above, please skip this question. If you answered "No," have you graduated from or are you enrolled in a graduate-level writing program at an accredited college or university?
If you answered "yes" above, which college or university and what dates?
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If you answered "No" to questions 1 and 2, please list any significant experience with advanced writing workshops, noting the class(es), program(s), instructor(s), and date(s) below:
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3.) Workshops require that you provide carefully considered written feedback ahead of class. Do you agree to read all materials and provide written feedback as instructed? *
(You must agree to be considered for this class.)
4.) Do you agree to follow the prescribed format of the workshop as laid out by the workshop facilitator? *
(You must agree to be considered for this class.)
Please provide your email address, daytime telephone number, and the name of your submitted sample. (It can be a working title, but MUST be the same title used in your submission to *
Once you've submitted this form, please send your 4000-word (or less) writing sample as an attachment to Questions? Call 512-499-8914
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