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Summer Reading Nonfiction Form Grade 7
When answering questions, you MUST answer sections A and B for each question (if there are two parts) to receive credit.
*Incoming 7th and 8th graders must answer 5 of the 7 fiction OR non-fiction questions
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1.) List three surprising facts from the book and explain why they were interesting.
2.)Would you recommend this selection and who would you recommend it to? Explain your answer.
3A.)Select an important quote from the text (this does not need to be something that someone says) and type it here with the page number.
3B.)Explain how it was used and why it is your favorite.
4A.) How is the book/text you read structured?
4B.) Why do you think the author choose to do it that way?
5.) What connections did you make while reading? In other words, how does this book or topic relate to your own life?
6A.) How has the book increased your interest in the subject matter?
6B.) Did it make you want to read more about it?
7.)Why did you choose the book/topic you read about today?
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