Urban Doctor
Survey form
1. For how long have you been practicing?
2. Where do you work?
3. Which modern methods of contraception do you prefer to prescribe/recommend to your patients? [Tick the appropriate ones]
4. If you prescribe/recommend contraception to your patients, what is the reason for prescribing your preferred contraception method?
5. In your opinion, why do couples use contraception?
6. In your opinion why do some couples do not go for contraception?
7. The government of India has added new contraceptive choices - Injectable contraceptive DMPA (Antara),Centchroman Pill (Chhaya) and Progestinonly Pill (PoP) - in the National Family Planning Programme. Are you aware of these?
8. Are you aware of the long-term reversible spacing methods of contraception
9. Have you ever prescribed/recommended emergency contraceptive pills to yourpatients?
10. If no, what is the reason?
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