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#DearCandace - I answer your questions !
Welcome Dear! It is my pleasure to answer your questions about your career, your projects, coming back to Africa for work and more. Just fill in the form below and I will make my best to address you issue in as soon as possible !

See you soon !

NB: Please try to be as detailed as possible, for me to be able to give you a proper answer. To answer question 4, please make sure your message matches the structure below:
a. Initial situation and aspirations: I am I studied / I work as _ _ _, and I would like to _ _ _.
b. Blocking or limitation: Unfortunately, I do not know _ _ _ (or) Unfortunately because of _ _ _, I can not _ _ _.
c. Question: How to _ _ _? What to do for _ _? What would you suggest for _ _ _,
Thank you!
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3. What is your current most cherished project or dream ?
4. What is your question about? A career change, moving back to Africa, application to a fellowship, business creation, other? Tell me your story, your issue and how you would like me to help you. [Important: Please try to be as detailed as could be, and refer to the instructions at the beginning of the form for your question to get the chance to be answered.] *
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