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Relaxing Piano Music
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A piano music is a creativity of singing using piano. Composing is more creativity art and isn’t an easy task and requires more commitment, interest and knowledge. Before starting the composition start by knowing the reason of doing it, the inspiration and what is your target or where you want to go in composition.

For you to be able to compose a good and impacting piano music you must have the required knowledge and best understanding of it. You should be familiar with the type and kind of music here. Have a mentor to consult and guide through the entire process.

Writing as a beginner can be difficult and challenging but as you get used to, it becomes pretty easy. Here are the steps on composing the best piano music;

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i) Have a melody.
- Make sure you have a melody before composing.
- It will be the masterpiece and guide on the entire process.
- When you start with a melody, at the end your song composition will be perfect.
- A chorus is thought as melody destination

ii) Decide the song idea.
- This is deciding on a theme or audience of the song you want to write.
- This will give a directive on where to start since you have what to write on.
- This is the goal of your song.

iii) Choose your key and tempo
- This is the element that tells the mood of your song.
- Play the keys that you are comfortable with and that fits with the theme of your song.
- A tempo should always match with your song idea.

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iv) Learn the chord that matches your idea and shares your key name.

v) Learn to play the chords in order
- Go slow systematically and listen carefully and you will find a progression and order that fits to you and your theme.

vi) Record the progress and continue playing
- Take note and order you find interesting to you and play it frequently putting in consideration the theme of the songs.
- Keep the image of the song in your mind while writing and playing the piano.
- Listen while playing and take note when the lyric of your theme comes up.

vii) Note down everything
- Everything that changes should be noted down.

viii) Keep revealing more while writing as you go down.
- This will help you in giving more on your theme.

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ix) Build bridge
- This is the climax of the song
- This makes your song more liked and memorable. It will definitely market you.

x) Write the final draft
- This is the final of your song written and the best since you have polished.
- The final document might require some changes and drafted in a new page with lyrics.
- Make it more creative.
- Keep it simple.
- Go through the whole process and familiarize yourself.

These steps will help a newbie in this field to be able to compose and do a perfect composition of the music.

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