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St. Paul Parish Religious Education Registration Form
Hello and welcome to our St. Paul Registration for CCD, EDGE & CHOSEN.

Parents, first please notice there is a section of this registration that asks for you to volunteer in some way for the religious education programs at St. Paul. We ask that you take time to think about this opportunity and pray about it. None of our programs can happen without parent volunteers. We do waive all registration fees for the students of parent volunteers.

Parents of middle school students will notice that there are 3 class options for their 6th & 7th graders - Sunday mornings and Monday nights are traditional CCD classes, while Sunday nights are the EDGE youth ministry format. 8th grade is Confirmation year and students have a Sunday morning class option or a Sunday night Chosen youth ministry format for class.

EDGE is a curriculum designed by Lifeteen, International which was created to be engaging, fun, and highly informative for Jr. High students. Chosen's curriculum is brought to us by Ascension Press. Both EDGE and Chosen are designed for students to interact with one another in small group and large group settings. Outgoing, people-oriented students thrive in this atmosphere. We'd love for each student to have the best possible experience with religious education based on their comfort zone, so please be aware of your child's personality when choosing between traditional classroom based CCD and the EDGE and Chosen program.

Keep in mind that if for any reason your children are not attending CCD on a regular, yearly basis, according to the Diocese of Youngstown they must attend religious education classes at least 2 years prior to a sacramental year. This means that students must start attending CCD classes in Kindergarten for their 2nd grade sacraments; and they must attend 6th and 7th grade classes before their 8th grade sacrament.

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I understand my child must attend Religious Education classes 2 years prior to a sacramental year according to the Diocese of Youngstown. *
- Religious Education Class does not take the place of Mass.
- In order to properly integrate religious education, sacramental preparation, and pray to the liturgy, students need to attend Mass each weekend.
- We want every child to have a successful, positive, age and ability appropriate experience, and to receive a well rounded religious education. Please assist us by placing a HIGH priority on this aspect of your child’s life.

Each child is allowed four (4) excused absences and four (4) excused tardies for the year. Absence is considered excused if the parent or guardian calls the child off prior to the beginning of class. The call off number for CCD, EDGE, and Chosen is to go to Dustine May at 330-499-2201 ext. 327. Tardiness occurs within the first 20 minutes of class. Anything beyond that is a missed class.

We will do all that we can to accommodate schedules. Both the Sunday morning and Monday evening classes teach the same content. If a family knows that their child will need to miss class, they can contact Dustine May and make arrangements to attend the other class. This will not result in an absent status. If there is a short-term conflict in the schedule of the student, the student can be temporarily moved to a different session (Sunday or Monday) for the duration of the conflict.

During sacramental years if absences continue, a meeting with parents, student, and Michele Blate is required to determine commitment. If a child continues to miss beyond five (5) classes, a meeting with parents, the pastor and Michele Blate will be required. There will be a review of the student’s understanding of the material for the year. If the child does not have a reasonable grasp of the material, it may be necessary to repeat the year of study.
During a sacramental year, any missed session will require make-up homework due to the importance of this year of preparation.

I have read and understand the Attendance and Sacramental Requirements. *
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