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8U Skills Sessions
May 15th - August 14th
Sessions MEET WEDNESDAYS at 6:00p-7:00p ( NO CLASS ON JULY 3RD)
All 8U hockey players are encouraged to participate. Coaches will group the players by age and skill level

• Power Skating - drills will force each participant to skate ‘outside’ their comfort zone and teach explosive skating
• Overspeed - emphasis on quickness and ‘keeping your feet moving’ while skating with and without the puck to
increase you acceleration and agility
• Edge Control and Balance - focus on tight turns, transitions as well as your overall center of balance
• Puck Handling - learn proper puck handling and control in a game like atmosphere
• Puck Protection - focus on protecting the puck in game like situations with a strong emphasis on placing your body
between the puck and the opponent
• Passing - discover new found skills on how to give a receive precise passes
• Shooting - learn new techniques to improve your shot accuracy and velocity
• Positioning - combination of body positioning and positioning on the ice to prepare individuals to be ready to give and
receive the puck

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Terms and Conditions/ Wavier Release of Liability
Each person ("Participant") using Silverstein Eye Centers Arena/Centerpoint Community Ice (SECA) assumes all risk of personal injury, which may result from participation in all activities conducted at the SECA. The Participant will not hold the SECA, Spectra Venue Management and the City of Independence, or any of its officials, staff, owners, or the proprietor, liable for injury, which the Participant may sustain while participating in any activities, conducted at the SECA. The participant understands and agrees that the sport of ice hockey, ice-skating and all on-ice activities has physical dangers, which may result in serious injury or death. The Participant is advised to carry medical insurance. The Participant certifies that he/she has no known medical condition, which would prohibit him/her from playing the sport of ice hockey or ice-skating.
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