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New Member's Class
We are glad that you are here. Please take the time to go through the class and submit it at you convienence. We pray that this course will be a helpful beginning to your new member experience.
This is a digital course. It can be done in your own time and wherever you like. It should take you 1 to 1.5 hours to complete, depending upon how quickly you read. While you can stop mid-way through and come back to it at another time, it is best to complete it in one sitting. Finally, it might feel academic or heady at times, but push through! Once you have completed everything in this digital course, at the end you will type your name and submit it.
Topics Covered
1) What is Church Membership?
2) What Does it Mean to be a Christian?
3) What Does it Mean to be Anglican?
4) Basic Anglican History
5) Basic Anglican Doctrine
6) History and Structure of King's Cross
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