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Screen Reader Survey
We are developing a tool to improve internet accessibility for those with visual impairments. This survey will help us best tailor our tool to you.
Do you use a screen reader? *
Which type of screen reader do you use (select all that apply)?
What do you use a screen reader for (select all that apply)?
Which type of disability do you have?
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Which devices do you browse the internet on (select all that apply)?
Which internet browser do you use (select all that apply)?
What do you find the biggest problems with websites?
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What would you most like to know about the images online?
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If every image could have a description generated, how you would like to be presented with this information?
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Which websites do you visit the most?
Which websites do you find most accessible?
Which websites do find least accessible?
Which websites would you like the alt text improved?
We are developing a tool to automatically generate the missing image descriptions. If you would be interested in hearing more about our pilot study with UCL and the Global Disability Innovation Hub please enter your email or sign up on our website
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