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Bowdon DofE New Intake 2018-2019: Bronze, Silver and/or Gold
**** IMPORTANT *****
Please read our application letter and submit your £50 deposit as well as this application form

Closing Date for Applications: Midnight on Sat 29-Sep-2018 with offers being made w/c 1-Oct

Young Person's Name *
Please use the name you would like to be used on the eDofE system, on certificates and called out in award ceremonies
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Young Person's Date of Birth *
Young Person's School *
e.g. ACA, AGSB, AGGS, Loreto, Sale Grammar, St Ambrose, Wellington, etc.
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Young Person's Current School Year *
Bronze applicants need to be year 9+, Silver need to be Y10+. Gold need to turn 16 during this academic year to register and to start skills, physical, volunteering and residential and need to be Y12+ to start their hiking training and expeditions
Young Person's Address *
Please include the postcode.
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Young Person's Email Address *
The eDofE system will use this to send forgotten passwords and updates to the young person. Please do not use a parent's email address.
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Young Person's Mobile Phone Number *
Please give the young person's number, not the parent's
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Parent(s) Name(s) *
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Parent(s) Email Address(es) *
We will send our communications to this or these addresses. If providing more than one, please separate them with a semi-colon ;
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Parent Phone Number(s) *
Please provide landline as well as mobiles. If providing more than one, then please provide name and number and separate with commas
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Emergency Contact Details *
Please let us know who to contact 1st (assume first parent to call), and 2nd - name and phone number
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Award Level Applied For *
Please see application letter for more details on each item in the list
Are there any issues with availability on the key dates stated in the application letter? *
Either reply no or let us know. Please do apply regardless of these issues and let us know what the issues are. Whilst we cannot make any promises, we always do what we can to solve these kinds of issues. For Silver - please comment on the three possible dates for the training weekend being considered: 27-28 Apr, 4-5 May or 11-12 May
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Do you have a family member already working for or volunteering at our DofE group or for one of Bowdon CofE's other groups? *
If yes, please tell us who and which group so that we can link this application to their volunteering
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Do you have a family member who is willing to be a new volunteer at DofE? *
DofE is a team effort in this community. We can only offer the places if we have enough adult volunteers. Please choose as many as apply to you. Please see the application letter for more details of the roles we need volunteers in.
Have you completed - or are you in the process of completing - a previous DofE Award Level? *
If yes, please tell us what level(s) you have completed and/or are completing, and which organisation you are doing it with. If you haven't yet completed the previous level, please know that we will be checking how up-to-date your eDofE is as part of our selection criteria
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Do you have an eDofE ID number?
If so, please provide it here. It is normally a 6 or 7 digit number.
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Are you a regular attendee at one of our church youth groups? Or have a significant involvement with church? *
If yes, which one(s)? For youth groups, please only say if we will find you regularly on one of our registers from at least the start of Sep 2018
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Are your family 'Bowdon Church of England members' or regular attenders at one of Bowdon CofE's Worship Services? *
Who would you like to do the expedition with? *
Please name people you know who are applying from your friendship groups. We will let you know if they have been offered a place too, so that you can respond to your offer quickly. We run a process where we aim for everyone to be in a team with at least one friend, if they wish to be.
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Is there anything else we need to know?
Please let us know anything else here
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Are there financial or special circumstances?
If yes, then please let us know here. Only Pam Welford and Will Sudworth will see this information
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