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Alliance Française de Melbourne French Christmas Market Volunteer Application Form
Our 16th French Christmas Market will be held on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 December from 10am to 5pm. As a not-for-profit association, we heavily rely on the assistance of volunteers to successfully run the event. By joining our team, you will greatly contribute to this special moment.

Over our Christmas Market weekend we will need volunteers to:
a) Assist with the set-up/dismantling of the venue - decoration, moving of tables/chairs, etc.
b) Assist at the café/bar stalls. Duties will include:
- Selling at the café/bar stalls - (RSA required)
- Other general duties in the café stall i.e: restocking, cleaning. Etc.
c) Welcome visitors at the gates and manage flux of visitors
d) Assist with the market waste management and operation during the weekend

A volunteer briefing is scheduled at our premises in St Kilda on Monday 2 December, at 6pm. This briefing is recommended especially if you have never volunteered at our St Kilda premises before.

You will be contacted by email once your application has been submitted.

We thank you in advance for your interest in volunteering. Merci !

The Alliance Française de Melbourne Team
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The Alliance Française de Melbourne (AFM) values the contribution of its volunteers and recognizes the time, skills and enthusiasm they bring to the association. We aim to provide volunteers with the opportunity to work and, where appropriate, provide them with the support, training and information they require to undertake their duties.

Volunteers and staff are expected to work together for the benefit of the AFM. Volunteers will be under the direction of the AFM and will not represent the AFM outside of the directions provided. Once you have made a commitment to the AFM, we depend on you to follow through with this commitment. Essentially, you become an integral part of the AFM team.

As such, you represent the AFM to both patrons and the public at large, and it is important to portray a positive image. All volunteers with the AFM are expected to:

• At all times exhibit a positive and friendly approach with the purpose of ensuring the public, guests, staff and volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience.
• Be sensitive to diversity of artists and fellow volunteers.
• Partake of no alcohol while on a shift and do not report for duty while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Show up on time and dressed appropriately and wear the T-shirts provided (when applicable) for the schedule duty/event given.
• Contact the volunteers’ coordinator immediately when you must cancel a scheduled shift due to an unforeseen emergency.
• Stay through your entire shift. If these commitments are not met, it may result in the termination of a volunteer position.

In return, the staff members of the AFM make a commitment to:

• Listen to and address volunteers’ concerns, problems and issues.
• Treat volunteers with respect and courtesy.
• Keep volunteers informed about relevant event changes.
• Provide volunteers with a safe atmosphere in which to volunteer.
• Adequately insure volunteers for the duration of each shift they work with the event.
• Provide volunteers with necessary training opportunities.
• Appreciate volunteers for their contributions to our association.
I give permission for my image/photograph to be used by the Alliance Française de Melbourne for promotional purposes. *
I have read and understood the above statement under which I agree to volunteer for the Alliance Française de Melbourne. *
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