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Share your home with East Coast Living
We're always on the lookout for standout home in Atlantic Canada to showcase in our magazine. What you many not know is that we learn about many of the homes, designers, decorators, and architects we feature in the magazine from our readers.

If you own a heritage home or a recent renovation that you're especially proud of, or you're the creative mind behind an eye-catching home, we want to hear from you!

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability, and if the home you suggest fits into our editorial plan we'll contact you. If we use your suggestions we'll even send you a free one-year subscription.

What makes a house an East Coast Living Home?

We can only feature homes that:
- Are principally used as residential dwellings (must be occupied).
- The owner has not intent to put the home on the market for a minimum of 2 years.
- Homeowners and renters must be willing to have a journalist and photographer visit the home.

A prime East Coast Living home's story also must have (at least) one of the following:
- A strong DIY component that our readers can implement in their own homes without great expense.
- The homeowner faces a common challenge and can share how they over came it.
- The home is unique within our region.
- An extra: We can contact any tradespeople/professionals who worked on the home as additional sources.

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What makes this home perfect for East Coast Living (consider our points above in the intro)
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