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TNT Medical Release/Consent Info
Guardian Name (first, last) *
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Athlete Name (first, last) *
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My athlete is in good physical and mental health and is able to participate fully in all TNT rides and races. *
My athlete has the following medical conditions or life threatening allergies (please explain) *
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My athlete has asthma and will carry an inhaler on all rides. *
Please list any medications your athlete is prescribed that your coach should be aware of.
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I authorize the TNT, Velocity and/or Laker coaches to give my athlete Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Aspirin in the event she/he needs it. *
I authorize TNT coaches to provide on-trail first aid/medical treatment within the scope of their training. *
Health Insurance Carrier, Group # and Policy # *
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Please include at least 2 emergency contacts. Name, phone number, email and relation *
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I have provided comprehensive and accurate medical information about my athlete to TNT. If the coach or TNT representative is not able to reach myself or the emergency contacts, I authorize the TNT staff to drive my son/daughter to the nearest medical treatment facility or contact emergency services as needed. *
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