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NLP. Quiz 2
Simple Word Vector representations: word2vec, GloVe
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What type of functions can approximate neural network with linear activation function?
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If a vector representation for a word “jungle” is [-0.123 0.432 1.453 -0.003]. What seems like a vector representation for its synonym “forest” in the same vector space? Check all right answers.
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What seems like a reasonable expectation for a word in a pair “Russia - … “ for a Glove model trained on a news corpus where pairs “USA - Washington” and “France - Paris” are clearly traceable?
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What are the possible ways for sentence embedding construction?
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Suppose we train Softmax classifier over word embeddings for classification problem with `m` classes. `V` is vocabulary size, `d` is dimension of word embedding, `m` is number of classes. How many elements we will have in `W` -- weight matrix for Softmax classifier?
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