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Local Yardens and Sharing Groups in/around Media
Do you know a local group, person, or initiative that should be added to our "Sharing Map" for Media PA? We are trying to map all of the resources in our local community along the following criteria --things like: lending circles, community supported agriculture, community currencies, credit unions, energy coops, artist coops, community gardens, people exploring co-working, urban farms, community land trusts, intentional communities, cohousing, housing coops, open public spaces,  health care collectives, bike kitchens, childcare collectives, timebanks, education co-ops, infoshops, cooperative insurance, food co-ops, farmer's markets, free libraries, lending libraries, barter markets, free cycle, free stores, really really free markets, free food sharing, and pantries,  unions, worker support organizations, social justice nonprofits, environmental nonprofits, small business development organizations, triple bottom line and Bcorp businesses. We plan to add time banking skills as a part of the map, along with the Yardens in our community.  
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Map Jam 2014
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