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Y-Serve Program Statistics
Statistics are vital to the life of the Center. They help us plan for your program's yearly budget and pin-point areas that need improvement. These statistics are then reported to the Dean. In other words, we need you! Thanks in advance for helping us!
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App Use *
Did your program use the app this month to record volunteer and program director hours? If you are not using the app, please start using the app. If you need help using or implementing the app, talk to me ( or your service council-member.
Distinct Volunteers *
In the app this is found under leadership login, select the correct month for your date range and at the bottom of the table find "People that Have Served"; this is the value you want. Please count everyone who attended - THIS INCLUDES ALL Y-SERVE LEADERS WHO ATTEND. If you haven't been using the app, PLEASE USE THE APP.
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Volunteer Hours *
Total volunteer hours for this month. Get this information from the app by using your Leadership Login and filtering the date range for the month. Beneath the data table find Total Hours. THIS INCLUDES ALL Y-SERVE LEADERS WHO ATTEND EVENTS. Start using the app NOW if you haven't been using the app.
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PD and ED Hours *
Program and Executive Director Hours for the Month. Your own volunteer hours, as well as hours you're in meetings, trainings, etc... (round to nearest whole number). Please enter the hours for each director individually. For example, Cosmo = 4 hours, John Doe = 3 hours, and Yanni = 5 hours. This also can be found in the app filtering the correct date range!!
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Saturation Board *
Saturation Board Update for Upcoming Month. Please update us on your program's need for volunteers for the UPCOMING month.
Monthly Reflection
Please think about these prompts and record your answer below: What did you learn? Miracle moment? What challenges did you face or overcome? Any concerns the Service Council should know about? Any concerns the Statistician/other Y-serve staff should know about?
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What events do you have in the next month that you would like advertised in the general Y-Serve calendar?
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