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Bristol UCU letter on fixed-term contracts
1st June 2020

Dear Professor Brady, Vice Chancellor and President, University of Bristol

cc: Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost; Deputy Vice-Chancellor (New Campus Development); Pro Vice-Chancellors; Registrar, Deputy Registrar; Deans of Faculties; Chief Operating Officer; Bursar and Director of Estates; Director of Human Resources, Chief Information Officer; Director of Planning, Strategy and Change, Director of External Relations, Director of Research and Enterprise Development.; Director of Development and Alumni Relations; Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Re: Fixed-term Contracts and the University of Bristol’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are writing on behalf of the University of Bristol branch of UCU in order to request your support in protecting the job security and employment prospects of employees on fixed-term contracts during and after the coronavirus pandemic. At a UCU branch meeting on Wednesday, 20th May members voted nearly unanimously for a motion to support this letter and the demands herein.

Our principal demand is that the University extends the employment of all employees on fixed-term contracts from Pathways 1, 2 and 3 and Professional Services until there is a reasonable opportunity for them to find a replacement job.

Below you will find a list of signatories to the letter supporting our branch policy to protect job security where affected by the pandemic.

We request the following from the University:

1. To adopt a ‘jobs first’ response to the current crisis. Securing ongoing employment of existing University staff should be the institutional priority, and the priority of Universities UK (UUK).

2. To extend the employment of all employees on fixed-term contracts until there is a reasonable opportunity for them to find a replacement job. The University should not leave any employee without a job for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic and any associated recruitment freeze, regardless of when the employee’s contract is due to end. This includes renewing the contract of any employee who is due to become unemployed during the pandemic until there is scope to secure further employment. This could include alternative employment within the University.

3. To provide a detailed costed rationale that supports a blanket extension of fixed-term contracts, showing how the institution could de-prioritise certain investment and expenditure to secure University of Bristol jobs, as well as protect the current terms and condition of University of Bristol staff.

4. To adopt the institutional policy of extending the contracts of fixed-term staff where an extension was planned before the institutional response to COVID-19 took effect.

5. To instruct managers to explore ways of extending employment at the University where contracts are due to end.

6. To present a detailed account of why its current recruitment ‘hiring freeze’ protocol is necessary.

7. To explain what the staff spend saving to the institution will be through its current recruitment policy and why other institutional savings, such as capital spend, have not been considered or ruled out.

8. Not to ask permanent members of staff to cover work ordinarily assigned to casualised colleagues in order to facilitate the loss of the latter’s employment.

9. To reaffirm its commitment to its Public Sector Equality Duty; provide details on how its decisions on recruitment and contracts during the crisis impact equality of opportunity for protected categories; and ensure that the financial challenges produced by the crisis do not fall most heavily onto those groups who are already under-represented and -rewarded.

We respectfully request that you provide us with a detailed response to each of the points numbered above as a starting point for discussion and negotiation. Due to highly time-sensitive nature of this issue, we would appreciate your response by Monday 8th June, one week from the date of this letter.

We enclose a document outlining the diverse concerns and circumstances of employees on fixed-term contracts that gave rise to this action, for your information.

Yours sincerely,
Dr James Thompson, Reader in Modern British History
Tracey Hooper, Vice-President, Bristol UCU
Suzy Cheeke, Collections Librarian and Bristol UCU Vice President
Dr Jamie Melrose, Branch Secretary, University of Bristol UCU
Paul Ayres, Bristol UCU Treasurer
Mr Kit Fotheringham, Hourly Paid Tutor (Law School)
Dr. William Pooley, Lecturer in Modern European History
Professor Madhu Krishnan, Professor of African, World and Comparative Literatures
Dr. John McTague, Senior Lecturer in English
Julian Eastoe, Professor
Dr Laura Dickinson, Lecturer in Civil Engineering
Dr. Justin Williams, Senior Lecturer in Music
Dr Joe Gerlach, Senior Lecturer
Jeffrey Pocock, Assistant Teacher, HPT
Dr Stuart Prior
Dr Cameron Hall, Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics
Dr Elizabeth Haines, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow in History
Dr Ryan Davey, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow in Policy Studies
Dr Cameron Hall, Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics
Dr Marika Zeimbekis, Subject Librarian
Professor Wendy Gibson, Professor of Protozoology
Laura McCormick, Digital Manager
Ms Mercedes Villalba, EAP Teacher, Fractional
Dr Tamar Hodos, Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology
Dr Isabel Murillo. Lecturer in Microbiology
Dr Vera Castiglione, Deputy Language Director of Italian
Ana Suarez Vidal, Language Tutor
Dr. Victoria Canning
Joe Bell, Prospect Development Manager
Dr John Lyons, Reader in Religion and History
Dr Kristian Moen, Senior Lecturer in Film
Josie McLellan, Professor of History
Dr Rebecca Kosick, Lecturer in Translation
Amy Donnelly, Graduate Research Intern
Dr Richard Stone, Lecturer in Early Modern History
Dr David Cussans, Research Fellow, School of Physics
Mr Andriy Boubriak - PhD student
Dr Rafael Mitchell, Lecturer in Comparative & International Education
Dr Jo Rose, Senior Lecturer in Education
Dr Julio Decker, Lecturer in North American History
Dr Umut Parmaksiz, Lecturer, SPAIS
Dr Daniel Finch-Race, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow in Modern Languages
Dr Keith Hallam, Interface Analysis Centre
Professor Dorothy Price
Dr Chris McWilliams
Dr Mark Hagen, Lecturer in Mathematics
Patrick Townsend. Faculty IT Support Team Manager
Dr Eileen Sutton, Research Fellow
Dr Jade Thai Senior Research fellow
Dr Lindsey Porter, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow in Law
Prof Albert Sanchez-Graells, Professor of Economic Law, University of Bristol Law School
Dr Tiffany Wang, Teaching Associate in Law
Catherine Downs, Librarian
Dr Philip Sayer, Lecturer in Sociology
Alba Realpe, Senior Research Associate
Dr Karen Morgan, Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School
Dr Melanie Chalder, Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School
Dr Jenny Barke, Senior Research Associate
Dr Huw Thomas, Lecturer in Management
Professor Elaine McGirr, Head of Theatre
Joshua Habgood-Coote, Vice Chancellor's Fellow in Philosophy
Mrs Anne Robbins, School Manager
Dr Nicholas Turner, Research Fellow in Medical Statistics
Dr Denny Pencheva SPAIS/SPS
Dr Amy King, lecturer in Italian
Dr Peter Bennett, Lecturer
Ann Singleton, Senior Research Fellow
Nick Riddle, Internal Communications Manager
Dr Cleo Hanaway-Oakley, Lecturer in Liberal Arts and English
Dr Keir Williams - Senior Lecturer
Caroline Falzon, School Education Manager
David Bernhard
Dr. Katja Krebs, Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Performance
Dr Catherine Dodds, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy
Dr Rhiannon Daniels, Senior Lecturer in Italian
Mr. Peter Peasey
Dr Greg Chance, Snr. Research Associate
Dr Angelo Martins Jr, Research Associate SPAIS
Mrs Judith Mantell, Electron Microscopy Specialist
Jessica Sharratt, TQ Enterprise and Engagement Associate
Tricha Passes Lecturer History and History of Art
Dr Eleanor Rycroft, Lecturer in Theatre and Performance
Dr Lauren Blake, Research Associate
Dr Ed Atkins, Lecturer
Dr Edward Cole, Lecturer
Blanche Plaquevent, HPT and PhD student in history
Dr Tabitha Stanmore, Honorary Research FellowDr. Pete Falconer, Lecturer in Film
Dr Kathryn Ford, Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Prof Graeme Were, Chair in Anthropology
Dr Claire Gronow, Lecturer
Dr Angela Nobbs, Senior Lecturer in Oral Microbiology
Dr. Dominic Lash, assistant teacher (HPT), Department of Film and Television
Dr Sarah Kunz, Research Associate
Beatriz Arias, Language Tutor, School of Modern Languages
Neil Tibbetts, EAP Coordinator CALD
Dr. Polly Galis, Lecturer in French
Valerie Aspin, Research Development Manager
Dr Cathy Hume, Lecturer in English
Dalila Rabih, Language Tutor, French /SML
Hanrahan Highland
Dr Louise Benson James, HPT in English
Dr Gareth Griffith,  Research Fellow in PHS
James Foster, HPT in Computer Science
Jennifer Norris, Study Skills Tutor
Dr Nora J. Williams, Teaching Associate, Department of Theatre
Dr Manoj Dias-Abey, Lecturer in Law
Claire Spencer, Lecturer
Dr Stephen D'Evelyn, casework coordinator, Bristol UCU
Dr Colin Lazarus, Research Collaborator, School of Biological Sciences
Dr Gernot Klantschnig
Dr Anthony Everett, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Professor Tim Elliott
Clare Stevens, HPT in SPAIS
Elena Pagani, PhD Researcher and HPT
Dr Michael Malay, Lecturer in English
Dr Tzuchien Tho, Lecturer in Philosophy
Clair Syrett, Space Manager
Dr Edward Holberton, Lecturer in English
P Sellen, Lecturer, Dentistry
Dr Timothy Hele, PDRA in Mathematics
Dr Julia Wade, Lecturer, Bristol Medical School
Dr Jaskiran Chohan, PDRA in Human Geography (Vet School)
Mr Richard Lafferty, Senior Procurement Manager, Finance Services
Professor Bridget Anderson
Dr Suzanne Doyle Guilloud, Senior Research Associate in Healthcare Law
Dr Roy Youdale, Research Associate, Translation Studies
Dr Ruth Coates, Senior Lecturer in Russian
Dr Mark France, Lecturer in Theatre and Performance
Dr. Ellen O'Gorman, Senior Lecturer in Classics
Kate Bracegirdle, Teaching Associate, Law School
Dr Rachael Carey, Teaching Associate, Mathematics
Dr Anita Mangan, Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies
Dr Rachel Bentham - HPT
Dr Rachel Randall, Lecturer in Hispanic Media and Digital Communications
Dr Mohammad Golam Jamil, TESTA Researcher
Jenny Donovan, Professor of Social Medicine
Jake O'Leary, PGR
Noemi Lendvai-Bainton, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Public Policy
Kathryn Allinson, Teaching Associate in Law
Professor David Gordon
Dr Victoria Bates, Senior Lecturer in Modern History
Professor Debbie Watson
Ailsa Cameron
Joanna McCunn, Lecturer in Law
Dr Jessica Moody
Beth Tarleton
Dr Oscar Berglund
Dr Natasha Mulvihill, School for Policy Studies
Dr Beki Langford, Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School
Professor Charlotte Villiers, Law School
Dr Andrew James, Senior Lecturer, PPN
Sara Davies, Senior Research Fellow
Dr Richard Bellis, Senior Research Associate
Dr Tara Puri, Lecturer in English
Catherine  O’Rawe, Professor of Italian
Mark Ellingsen, Systems Development Manager, IT Services
Dr Philippa Howard, Lecturer in Psychology of Education
Joseph Gliddon Senior Subject Matter Expert, Senior Digital Educational Developer
Dr Ruth Bush, Senior Lecturer in French and Comparative Literature
Dr Jan Wozniak, Lecturer, Department of Theatre
Dr Albertine Fox, Lecturer in French Film
Dr Sam Royston, Research Associate School of Geographical Sciences
Dr Robert Yates, Lecturer in International Relations
Dr Marion Prat, lecturer (Economics)
Tom Mitcham, PhD Student and HPT, School of Geographical Sciences
Dr Jon Symonds
Dr Erika Hanna, Senior Lecturer in Modern History
Dr Marianna Dudley
Dr Sumita Mukherjee, senior lecturer in history
Dr Vivian Kong, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow
Dr Arthur Rose, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow in English
Mr Alexander Birkett - PhD researcher and HPT
Matthew Brown, Professor in Latin American History
Angela Piccini, Reader in Screen Media
Dr Sarah Daw, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow
Dr Jacqueline Maingard, Reader in Film
Dr James Palmer, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow
Dr David Sweeting, School for Policy Studies
Dr Dee Knipe
Anya Skatova
Christopher Warren, Assistant Research Support Librarian
Dr Jessica Hope
Alex Gibson, PhD researcher, Music Dept
Dr Malu Villela Garcia, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow in Management
Dr Bethan Lloyd-Lewis, Vice-Chancellor's Research Fellow
Dr Kirsty Sedgman, Lecturer in Theatre
Lee Price, TA in Law
Becky Mars
Dr Bernadette Carroll, VC Fellow
Dr Jen Grove, Public Engagement Associate, UoB/Engaged Research Manager, Exeter
Paris Selinas, PhD Candidate in Management
Professor Glenn Morgan
Dr Philippa Davies
Dr Alex Clayton, Senior Lecturer in Film and Television
Dr Niels Schneider, Teaching Associate
Professor Martin Parker
Dr Claire O'Neill, Lecturer in Management
Robin Klimecki, Lecturer in Management
Dr Stephanie MacNeill, lecturer in medical statistics
Dr Lloyd Fletcher, lecturer in Management
Dr Vanessa Beck, Reader
Dr Roberta Bernardi, Lecturer in Management
Dr Emma Cole, Liberal Arts and Classics
Professor Andrew Sturdy
Matthew Steggle, Professor of Early Modern English Literature
Dr Mascia Amici Senior Research Associate
Dr Sheena Vachhani, Reader in Work and Organisation Studies
Professor Gianluca Veronesi
Dr Afua Twum-Danso Imoh
Dr Duncan Baldwin
Mr Macauley Curtis
Dr Tamsin Badcoe, Lecturer in English
Melissa Cole, Trial Manager
Thomas Jordan (Senior lecturer in pure mathematics)
Dr. Adina Covaci, Teaching Associate
Dr Mark Hailwood, Lecturer in History
Professor Jonas Rademacker (Professor of Physics)
Dr. Elspeth Van Veeren, Senior Lecturer in Political Science
Darya Shchepanovska, PhD student
Laura Tinner, Research Associate
Huw Andrews, Industrial Liaison Coordinator
Charles Cox, Teaching Associate
Prof Richard Morris, Professor in Medical Statistics
Dr Nadia Aghtaie
Dr Nicola Rooney
Dr Eszter Szilassy, Research Fellow
Dr Joan Passey, Teaching Associate in English
Joanne Boden, Postgraduate Teacher and PhD Candidate
Gwen Seabourne, Professor of Legal History, Law School
Dr. Michela Prevedello, language tutor
Professor Eirik Bjorge
Dr Vanda Zajko, Reader in Classics
Nick Havergal, PGR
Dr John Brenton, Sustainability Manager
Dr Alex Milton, Lecturer Psychological Science
Dr Anja Teschemacher, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Prof Peter Blair, Professor of Epidemiology & Statistics
Brigid Harty, Senior Philanthropy Manager
Dr Catherine Back, Post-doctoral Research Associate
Dr Anna Havinga, Lecturer in Sociolinguistics
Goya Wilson Vasquez
Dr Victoria Hodgson, Teaching Associate
Hannah Lowery, Archivist and Special Collections Manager
John Packer, Data and Reporting Specialist, Education Administration
Julia G Carroll, EAP tutor
Samir Sweida-Metwally, Doctoral Researcher & Assistant Teacher
Christopher Gray, Teacher in law
Dr Giulia Donelli, Teaching Associate in Classics
Dr Pier-Luc Dupont, Research Associate
Sheila Amici-Dargan
Dr Celine Petitjean
Dr Valentina Ragni, Research Associate
Professor Richard Harris
Chiara Amoretti, PhD candidate and HPT in English
Dr Valentina Ippolito Lecturer in Film & TV
Professor Toby Knowles
Dr Ashley Dodsworth Lecturer in Politics
Dr Erica O'Brien, Assistant Teacher in History of Art
Dr Kit Opie, Lecturer in Anthropology
Andrew Moore
Dr Sarah Watkins, Senior Research Associate
Dr Simon Gamble, Head of Academic Study Skills
Dr Rox Middleton, Postdoc research fellow, Biological Sciences
Edwin Shaw, Lecturer in Ancient History
Dr Jake Langham, postdoc in mathematics
Daniel Haines, Senior Lecturer in Environmental History
Dr, Colin Nolden, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow
Helen Newnham, Research Information Systems Manager
Dr Stephen Montgomery, Senior Lecturer
Professor Sergey Kasparov
Dr Erica Morley, Policy Fellow
Dr Neil Carrier
Professor Markus Damian, School of Psychological Science
Martin Hewitt Subject Librarian
Dr Nieves Perez-Solorzano Borragan, Senior Lecturer in European Politics
Rossana Vanni - Language Fellow School of Modern Languages
Dr. Julia Paulson, Associate Professor of Education, Peace and Conflict
Dr Yani Berdeni, Teaching Associate, Mathematics
Dr Stephen Cheeke, English Dept
Mr Stephen Knott IT Support Officer
Dr Sebnem Eroglu Senior Lecturer in Social Policy
Dr Yin Harn Lee. Lecturer in Law
Dr Luisa Zuccolo, Senior Lecturer
Dr Joseph Wilcox, Research Associate
Dr Rita Langer, Senior Lecturer in Buddhist Studies
Dr Matthew Walker, Research Associate
Dr. David Richards, Reader, Geographical Sciences
Mrs Xiaojie Kirby IT Support Specialist
Dr. Jade Hatton, Research Associate
Mrs Eva Gossner, Language Teaching Fellow
Mhairi Gibson Professor in Anthropology
Mr Arismende da Silva Contreiras
Dr. Nariman Massoumi, Lecturer in Film and Television
Dr Helen Harper
Dr Hannah Parrott, Lecturer, SPAIS
Trudy Goodenough
Cathryn Bees, Senior Development Manager DARO
Dr Susan Conlon
Dr Vigyan Ratnoo, Lecturer, Department of Economics
Dr Annie Herbert, Senior Research Associate, Bristol Medical School
Dr Sebastian Müller, Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Physics
Julie Steen IT Support Specialist
Dr Sam Appleton, FT Lecturer SPAIS (til'30thJune)
Professor Simon Potter, History
Ms Wan Ching Yee, Senior Associate Teacher
Dr Patricia Gaya, Senior Lecturer in Management
Mrs. Anna Macpherson, Teaching Associate
Dr Aisling Tierney
Dr Maria Vaccarella, Lecturer in Medical Humanities
Nick Kent, Senior Teaching Fellow in Strategy
Steve Cole
Dr Beke Zwingmann, Teaching Associate in Law
Dr Chathuni Jayathilake, Lecturer in Law
Athene Bain, Archive Assistant, Theatre Collection
Katie Mack
Neil Davey
Dr Sian Harris, Director of Teaching in English
Professor Rupert Gethin (Professor of Buddhist Studies)
Dr Tigist Grieve
Dr Ian Farrow - Senior lecturer
Dr Jen Palmer, Senior Research Associate
Dr. Sandra Winters
Dr Naomi Warne, Senior Research Associate
Sue Pearce
Dr Andrew McKinley, Lecturer (Physics education)
Professor Tonia Novitz, Professor of Labour Law University of Bristol Law School
Dr. Hugo Dominguez Andrade
Prof. Philip Welch, School of Mathematics
Dr Bergit Arends, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Rhys Morris IT Services and Physics
Dr. Sara Correia Carreira, Vice Chancellor's Fellow
Dr Lindsey Pike, PolicyBristol Associate/ Impact & Policy Engagement Manager
Dr Andrew Fraass, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow in Earth Science
María Jesús Vega Salas - PhD Student and Teaching assistant School for Policy Studies

In solidarity
Vicky Blake, UCU President Elect; Max Heng, member of Bristol Student-Staff Solidarity Group; Leslie F Gonzalez PGR, University of Bristol; Milly Williamson Goldsmiths UCU Equalities Rep; Dr. Alexey Mikaberidze, Lecturer in crop proctection, University of Reading; Sean Ferrier, Emily Pfefer, Teaching Fellow; Dr Aimée Le, Associate lecturer, University of Exeter; Jessica Jacobs, Queen Mary University of London; Greg Ryan; Penny Welch, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wolverhampton; Tim Dam; Andy Dams - retired local government officer; Francesca Berry, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham; Dr Rachel White, research associate; Dr Laura Sangha, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter; John Munro, Lecturer, University of Birmingham; Dr Jana Funke, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter; Dr Elsa Devienne, Northumbria University; Dr Diletta De Cristofaro, Teaching Fellow, University of Birmingham; Dr. Arathi Sriprakash, University of Cambridge; James Marriott; Professor Avril Waterman-Pearson, University of Bristol; Dr Katarzyna Stawarz, Cardiff University; Oliver Carter-Esdale, former Library Support Assistant & PGR University of Bristol; Gabriela Julio Medel; Mike Finn, Director of Liberal Arts, University of Exeter; Walter Dudley Retired Schoolteacher; Rebecca Saunders; Harriet Carroll, Hon Research Fellow, University of Bristol

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