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Parent Survey
The purpose of this survey is to find out your opinions about your child's school. Read each statement and choose the response that most closely matches your opinion. Please answer each item honestly.
How long have you had a child attending this school?
1) Our school's purpose statement is clearly focused on student success.
2) Our school's purpose statement is formally reviewed and revised with involvement from parents.
3) Our school has established goals and a plan for improving student learning.
4) Our school's governing body operates responsibly and functions effectively.
5) Our school has high expectations for students in all classes.
6) Our school communicates effectively about the school's goals and activities.
7) Our school provides opportunities for stakeholders to be involved in the school.
8) All of my child's teachers give work that challenges my child.
9) All of my child's teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and learning activities.
10) All of my child's teachers help me to understand my child's progress.
11) My child sees a relationship between what is being taught and his/her everyday life.
12) My child knows the expectations for learning in all classes.
13) My child has at least one adult advocate in the school.
14) My child is given multiple assessments to measure his/her understanding of what was taught.
15) My child has access to support services based on his/her identified needs.
16) Our school provides a safe learning environment.
17) Our school provides excellent support services (e.g., counseling, and/or career planning).
18) Our school provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that interest them.
19)My child is prepared for success in the next school year.
What do you like best about our school?
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What do you like least about our school?
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What is one suggestion you would like to offer to improve our school?
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