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NYC Pride 2020 Working Grant Application
We're doing things a little differently this year! We will review applicants and select grant recipients on a rolling basis, so applying sooner is advantageous. This lets us notify you sooner and gives you more time to recruit team members if you are selected. We will keep this application live and update it with the remaining available grants. If you do not see a grant opportunity on this form, that means it's no longer available.

2020 Available Grants:

Applications are rated according to the following selection criteria. Priority will be given to LGBTQIA+-serving and LGBTQIA+-affirming organizations. The onus is on applicants to address these explicitly in their application. Applications are due May 1st, 2020.

Weight and focus of mission statement
- Clarity and scope of the mission statement and/or stated goals
- Knowledge, expertise, and experience in identified industry or service field
- Communities or sub-communities of specific focus
- Key programmatic initiatives and their likely impact

Record of community service or ongoing programs
- Originality and innovation
- Significance of and expected contributions to communities and sub-communities
- Clarity and scope of service initiatives or ongoing programs
- Volume of service initiatives or ongoing programs

Intended use of grant funds
- Originality and innovation
- Clarity and scope of intended use
- Feasibility
- Appropriateness of and justification for the budget
- Quality and impact of intended use
- Expected and identified community and sub-community reach
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