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Basic Bitches
We wanna create the most bitchy-witchy kiez by being creative, sustainable and affordable as possible to everyone. Only a small camp fee so no one gets excluded. We bring each our materials & food which we share and cook together, take care of our trash and hold little get togethers while being as free as possible with no fix dates. Everyone has to contribute and is welcome to bring and do more than expected, do workshops or whatever comes to mind after talking about it with the other bitches.

This years theme will be basic witches and we wanna give back a little to our fellow burners by painting little charms and positive spells on all the beautiful souls that wanna be blessed by a real B/Witch and brew magical potions of all sorts for each and everyone. Obviously also magicians, witcher and magical creatures of all kinds are welcome :D

If you feel like embracing your true inner magical being, don't hesitate to apply. We would love to have your sparkling soul with us and in case you get rejected or don't hear back from us we probably reached our max. capaticity. Please still feel hugged and welcome to come by.

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If you would be a witch, what would you do? *
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How do you see yourself contributing to the camp? *
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Are you fine with bringing equipment and food for yourself and to share with the other bitches? *
helping people choose the costume, putting the costumes back in order, making sure the make-up stand is in order
Are you willing to help out with making food? *
Are you free for setting up or taking down the camp? plz indicate availability
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Do you want to organize a fun workshop or activity at the camp? plz describe
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Are you fine with paying a camp fee between 10€ and 25€? *
We haven't calculated and discussed how much the camp fee will be but we trying to keep it as low as possible so everyone is able to attend - you will have to bring your own food, we gonna try to provide some basic stuff from the group money and eventually stuff to make some rituals and mix some potions ;)
What do you think about dressing up and sharing costumes / dress-up stuff?
We are basic bitches and wanna have sparkly bitchy witchy kiez- maybe some nudeness - is that okay with you?
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