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Blackpool EA Hotel pre-registration form
If you are interested in living in the Blackpool Hotel, please fill out this form so that we can reach out to you.

All questions are optional except for your email address and name.

More info here: and here:
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Name *
Facebook profile
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Or email CV/résumé to
Two people who can vouch for you, preferably people with standing in the EA community.
Dates and duration of your hotel residency
When would you like to start living in the hotel?
When do you expect to move out of the hotel?
Questions, concerns, suggestions, requirements
What would you like to know about this project?
What concerns or suggestions do you have?
What would be big no-no's for you during your stay?
What do you think is necessary to have?
E.g. specific equipment, processes or rules.
EA work
What EA-related work do you expect to be doing while at the hotel?
Would you need to receive an additional grant (over and above the £30/week stipend) in order to pay for other expenses (travel, insurance, events...)?
Community and support
The hotel will work better if people support each other and the project as a whole.
What are you good at?
The ideal community would have a mix of skills. Please write down things that could be useful to others, e.g. "I can code", "I get things done", "I'm a good writer/listener/cook", etc.
What roles you could take on a volunteer basis?
Examples: offering mental health support, reviewing work, helping in the kitchen, doing yoga classes, etc.
In order to increase the project's budget and potential for impact, would you be willing to pay a monthly price during your stay?
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