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Events by JG - Client Questionnaire
In an effort to get to know you best and keep our records accurate and updated, please answer any and all pertinent questions. All of this information is confidential. Thanks!
Bride/Groom Full Name *
Bride/Groom Full Name *
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Hometown(s) *
Age and occupation - Bride/Groom *
Age and occupation - Bride/Groom *
Who are the decision makers for your wedding or event? *
What is your budget for your wedding including all vendors? *
What is your budget for a wedding planning/coordination professional? *
Estimated Guest Count *
Are children included in your guest count? *
If you answered yes to the above question, how many and what is the age range?
Desired wedding date *
Desired day of the week for wedding (Only accepting Friday-Sunday. Additional days will need to be discussed) *
What kind of reception? *
Please describe your ideal venue
What is most important for your wedding? (Venue, location, date, photographer, music etc.) *
How did you meet? *
How long have you been together? *
Do you have any children? If so, please provide names and ages
If your love story was a movie, what movie would it be and why? *
What do you like to do for fun together? *
Would you be interested in having your wedding submitted to blogs/print media/websites for publishing?
Are there any issues Events by JG should know about? *
How did you hear about Events by JG? *
If you have a wedding website, please provide the link below. *
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Are you interested in scheduling a phone consultation? *
If you answered yes to the above question, please provide your 10-day availability to talk for a maximum of 30 minutes.
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