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POrtalBurn 2018 Theme Camp/ Placement Form
Please review the POrtalBurn FAQs before submitting this form.
Here's the link.


-have your Theme Camp listed in the HELP Guide

-request placement for Theme Camps

-request placement for On-site Parking for vehicles 20 feet or less in length

-request placement for Amplified Sound

-request placement for Burning Art and Flame Effects

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Finish this form by 11:59pm on July 1st
You can continue to edit your submission with the URL provided at the end of the form until then. This should take 10 - 20 minutes, maybe 30 if you've got a whole lot going on.
Super Important Things to Know-- Read This!
Any camp or attendee with Amplified Sound MUST apply for placement.
Please review the Sound Policy:

Any camp or attendee with a Flame Effect MUST apply for placement and be inspected onsite. Fire pits or burn barrels do not require placement, although they will require a safety inspection before lighting. Fire performers and other non-static fire art (poofer tuba?) should plan to attend a fire safety meeting before lighting up- check the HELP Guide for times and locations.
Please review the Fire and Flame Effects Safety Manual:
and the Fire Inspection Guidelines:
and the Burn Barrel and Grill Usage Guide:

Any On-Site Parking must be approved, vital to the camp and must not exceed 20 feet. If your vehicle/ pop up exceeds 20 feet, please email for approval in the RV area. This does not apply to storage trailers.

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