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Dykes You Should Know: Contributor App
Dig deep for Dykes! Fill this out if you are a Dyke or a Dyke lover interested in paying tribute to a Dyke we should know.

We are asking each participant to create a piece about a Dyke for our Instagram (@lezbintouch) and website ( that can be digitized for these platforms.

This can be any sort of contribution: monologues, dancing, illustrations, music, cats, etc.

The main objective is to educate and entertain the viewer by honoring a Dyke from any part of history, in any capacity - it can be an influential Dyke in your life, a Dyke from the future, or even yourself. The more obscure the better!

If you are a Dyke, we wanna know! If you aren't a Dyke, but love you a Dyke, then this is for you too!
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