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MikroTik Training + wireless + p2p + ptmp + hotspot + mangle + queue + firewall configuration, Technical and Hands-On Training - 2 days training (add-on Ubiquiti ptp/ptmp hands-on training)
DATE : August 24-25, 2018 - 2 Days Training
LOCATION : Palm Grass Hotel
CAPACITY : 15-20 Seating Capacity only to give focus on the Questionnaires of the Trainees
LECTURER : 3 x MikroTik Certified Consultants
w/ Telco, Corporate, Enterprise, MNC and iCafe Extensive Experiences

For more details or questions you may Contact Us:

Richard Tumambac (MEPH Admin) - (0928) 3241095
Danby Perez (Hypernet, Inc. Admin) - (0932) 8497388

Training Events:
Partnership with MikroTik Enthusiast Philippines and Hypernet - Internet & Business Solutions, Inc.

This training can provide a BASIC & FUNDAMENTAL (MTCNA), WIRELESS & HOTSPOT (MTCWE), ROUTING (MTCRE) and TRAFFIC CONTROL (MTCTCE) and User Management (MTCUME) to have your RouterBOARD operational using RouterOS.

This Training is NOT for MikroTik Certification but all Modules are formatted based on the MikroTik Certification Outline and shall be followed to set the MikroTik Standard in order to get the chance for the trainees to upgrade there expertise into a certification level.

This training module is intended for giving a working and good solution for iCafe Management (Internet & Gaming Shop), Wireless and Hotspot solution requirement of the Trainees based on their requirement.

Every after discussion which we called modules has hands-on access to configure a MikroTik Routers and Wireless, and ONE-ON-ONE ASSISTANCE from our trainers that will help you to fully understand how MikroTik can be configured, managed and work based on your requirement.

We also welcome questions, clarifications and queries relating to the training module.

We urged the participants to send in advance, THREE (3) days before the training so that it will be included and tackled, discussed and provide solution.

Who is the target audience?
- IT students
- Internet Cafe Owners & Technician
- Network Engineers
- IT Administrators
- anyone with Basic Computer and IT Knowledge.

Who are our Target Companies?
- Schools & Universities
- Manufacturing and Construction
- Hotels, Hospitals and Casinos
- ISP, Internet Operators and Telco
- I-Cafe Computers & Gaming Station
- Small Wireless Hotspot
- Call Centers & BPO
- Banks and Cooperatives
- Government and Municipal Offices

What Will I Learn in MikroTik Training?

1. About MikroTik
2. RouterBOARD
3. Basic and Fundamentals of RouterOS

MODULE 2: BASIC CONFIG (MTCNA & MTCRE) - 50 Minutes + 30 Minutes Lab
3. How to use winbox & accessing webfig
4. The Power of CLI (Command Line Interface)
5. Users Access Control
6. Ugrade/downgrade RouterOS firmware
7. Installing System Packages
8. Managing Configuration Backups and Scripts
9. Creating Multiple SSIDs
10. Creating Bridges LAN
11. DHCP Service
12. Routes

MODULE 3: WIRELESS (MTCWE) - 1 Hour + 30 Minutes Lab
1.Wireless History and Standards
2.Wireless (PtP & PtMP)

MODULE 4: HOTSPOT + USERMAN (MTCWE + MTCUME) -1 Hour + 30 Minutes Lab
1. MikroTik Hotspot
2. Userman
3. Creation of Ticket Voucher(W/ VOUCHER GENERATOR)
4. Creation of Login Pages
5. Creation of Profiles
6. Hotspot Advertisement (Add-on)

MODULE 5: ICAFE Bandwidth Management or QoS, MANGLE and L7 (MTCTCE) - 2 Hours & 30 Minutes + 1 Hour Lab
1. Bandwidth Management - Mangle Rules
2. Bandwidth Management - Queue Tree with Mangle and Layer7 Protocol
3. Limit and or Control Youtube and Torrent
4. One simple queue for all users
5. Separate simple queues for each user
6. Grouping queues
7. Grouping queues using parent + child
8. Firewall
9. Dual wan Load Balance and Failover
10. Troubleshooting your configuration

Module 6: MikroTik Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPOE)

Module 7: MikroTik Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)

Module 8: Ubuiquiti Technical hands-on with Wireless Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point

Module 9: MikroTik and Ubiquiti Systems Integration using VLAN, PPPoE and Hotspot (WISP Setup)

Bonus topic
Plus add-on: Ubuiquiti technical hands-on with wireless ptp,ptmp and hotspot

What Will I Bring? - Please take note on this.
- Laptop or Computer (with Wifi and LAN)
- Extra Electrical Extension with 3 Outlet Slots
- Mouse and mouse pad
- 3 Meter Lan Cable (2 pcs)

Training & Service Fee:
Early Bird Rate: Php 6,500.00 (EARLY BIRD DEADLINE UNTIL August 10, 2018) EVAT exclusive
Regular Rate: Php 7,500.00 EVAT exclusive

Duration: 2 day Training
Time: Strictly 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Inclusive: Free use of RouterBoard
Technical User Manual
Certificate of Attendance
Lunch + Unli Coffee + Water
MikroTik T-Shirt w/ MikroTik Enthusiast Philippines Logo
Internet Access

Billing and Payment:

Please Deposit Payment to the:
BDO Branch : Commonwealth
Acct. Name : Richard Tumambac
Bank Acct. : 002210411110

Richard Tumambac

LBC Account
Richard Tumambac

Cancellation Policy:
No Refund if cancelled by the attendees.

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