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Registration for Embers: Stirring the Ashes
Register your intention to attend the first weekend-long game of the Wellington LARP campaign, 'Embers', August 19th-21st 2016 at Brookfield Scout Camp in Wellington.
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We will be tracking character sheets through Google Docs, so an email linked to a Google account is preferred.
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Will you be staying in a bunk room?
Do you have dietary requirements we need to know about?
e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, food allergies
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Any medical facts or conditions that we should know about?
Please mention anything that requires specific medicine, prevents you from doing certain kinds of activity, or anything else that might come up over the weekend.
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Are there any themes that you are uncomfortable with and would prefer not to encounter in the game?
Examples may include (simulated) torture, sex, suicide, etc but everyone has different discomforts.
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