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Is it wise to give your spare change?
Pope Francis says to give to the homeless without worry. Do you?

Beth Haile writes, "Almsgiving, donating money or goods to the poor, is a foundational and non-negotiable Christian obligation. How we give alms, however, is negotiable."


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1. When I see someone begging for money on the street, I give them money
2. When I give money to people I see on the street I look them in the eye and/or learn their names.
3. I don’t give freely to people begging for money because I am afraid they will use it for drugs or alcohol.
4. I am unable to give money to people on the street because I do not carry cash.
5. I do not give money to people on the street because my spare change seems degrading.
6. Instead of money, I choose to give
If other, explain:
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7. I think it’s degrading to give homeless people anything but cash.
8. I regularly give money to organized charities and/or church.
9. I think volunteering my time at shelters or soup kitchens is better than giving money directly.
10. I feel uncomfortable when I pass panhandlers.
11. I live in an area where I see panhandlers often.
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