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Independent Citizens Oversight Committee Application Invitation
The San Dieguito Union High School District is seeking applicants for appointment to its new Independent Citizens Oversight Committee (ICOC).

You have received this e-mail because of your involvement with the San Dieguito community. We would like your help in finding people who would be interested in serving on this important committee--feel free to forward this e-mail.

Members of the ICOC will provide oversight of the District’s use of Proposition AA bond proceeds and report to the Board and public on their findings. Specifically, the ICOC will ensure that all funds are used in support of the projects included in the bond measure and not for unspecified projects, general operating expenses, or teacher salaries. The ICOC will also inspect facilities and grounds, review cost-saving measures, and review the annual independent audits that are required of general obligation bond funds.

The committee must have no fewer than seven members, at least comprised of individuals from the following categories:

- One member who is active in a business organization representing the business community located within the district

- One member who is active in a senior citizens organization

- One member who is in a bona fide taxpayers’ organization

- One member who is a parent of a district student and is active in a parent-teacher ogranization

- One member who is a parent/guardian of a district student

The ICOC will meet quarterly. Members serve two-year terms without compensation.

If you or your contacts are interested in serving on this volunteer committee, please complete the online application. The Board of Trustees will review applications and make appointments to the ICOC in March, 2019. Questions can be e-mailed to Tina Douglas, Associate Superintendent of Business Services, at

Purpose of the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
The purpose of the citizens oversight committee shall be to inform the public concerning the expenditure of bond revenues. The committee shall actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money for school construction and shall convene to provide oversight for, but not limited to, the following: (Education Code 15278)

1. Ensuring that bond revenues are expended only for the purposes of construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or replacement of school facilities, including the furnishing and equipping of school facilities, or the acquisition or lease of real property for school facilities

2. Ensuring that no funds are used for any teacher and administrative salaries or other school operating expenses

In furtherance of its purpose, the committee may engage in any of the following activities:

1. Receiving and reviewing copies of the annual, independent performance and financial audits required by Article 13A, Section 1(b)(3)(C) and (D) of the California Constitution

2. Inspecting school facilities and grounds to ensure that bond revenues are expended in compliance with the requirements of Article 13(A), Section 1(b)(3) of the California Constitution

3. Receiving and reviewing copies of any deferred maintenance proposals or plans developed by the district, including any reports required by Education Code 17584.1

4. Reviewing efforts by the district to maximize bond revenues by implementing cost-saving measures including, but not limited to, the following:

a. Mechanisms designed to reduce the costs of professional fees
b. Mechanisms designed to reduce the costs of site preparation
c. Recommendations regarding the joint use of core facilities
d. Mechanisms designed to reduce costs by incorporating efficiencies in school site design
e. Recommendations regarding the use of cost-effective and efficient reusable facility plans

The district shall, without expending bond funds, provide the citizens oversight committee with any necessary technical assistance and shall provide administrative assistance in furtherance of the committee's purpose and sufficient resources to publicize the committee's conclusions.

All citizens oversight committee proceedings shall be open to the public and noticed in the same manner as proceedings of the Board. Committee meetings shall be subject to the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act.

The oversight committee shall issue regular reports, at least once a year, on the results of its activities. Minutes of the proceedings and all documents received and reports issued shall be a matter of public record and shall be made available on the district's web site.

Committee members are appointed for two-year terms without compensation.

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