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2019-2020 Parent Contract

All parents are asked to carefully read and sign this document to be kept on file in the front office. This agreement is just one part of ensuring a safe and secure environment for all students.

Thank you for the time you invest as a volunteer at Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen. Research shows a school’s success can be measured by how much parents are involved with their child’s education. By working in classrooms, however, parents are exposed to confidential student information. For the security and safety of all students, we therefore ask all parents to sign this agreement prior to volunteering at the school.

When you are volunteering, please keep the following in mind:
• Communicate your intent to help out using the google doc sign-up created by classroom coordinators.
• Sign in and out at the Main Office. Receive and wear the required visitor’s badge at all times while at the school.
• Your job is voluntary but the commitment is professional. You will be working in an environment of constant change. This will require an attitude based on mutual respect, flexibility and a willingness to work together.
• Limit your cell phone use while at the school to maintain a learning environment.
• Volunteers are not expected to administer discipline. If a student is disruptive, seek assistance from the teacher or other staff.

• A volunteer operates in a position of trust. Personal information pertaining to students must be kept
confidential, as well as conversations between parents, teachers and students.
• Always direct other parents’ concerns to the classroom teacher. It is the school’s responsibility to
inform parents of student progress. If problems or concerns arise, first discuss them with the
appropriate teacher.

• The teacher relies on your support. Follow through on tasks by attending scheduled times and
please give notice of absence whenever possible.
Respect for Others
• Children learn from watching you. Practice patience and understanding toward the children and
staff which helps learners value and apply these qualities.
• At all times a volunteer is there to support the needs of the teachers, students, or program. Tasks
should be carried out according to the teacher’s request.


For My Student:
1) I will help my child understand the need to respect the authority of school administration and
teachers. I will teach my child to treat other students with courtesy and respect.
2) I will teach my child that he/she is responsible for their behavior. I will help him/her understand
the Jefferson County School District Code of Conduct and RMAE’s discipline policy. I recognize
that unacceptable behavior will result in consequences and may be cause for suspension or
3) I will insure that my child attends school regularly per school policy. Missed assignments during
absences do need to be completed in agreement with the student’s teacher(s) and school
RMAE Family Handbook 2018-2019 School Year
policy. I agree to read and understand the policy in the Family Handbook with respect to
school missed outside of school vacation periods and abide by the school pre-arranged
absence period request/approval process.
4) I will work with my child so they understand that it is his/her responsibility to complete his/her
homework assignments in a timely manner. I will work with my middle school student to take
responsibility for accessing the Student Portal to check for missing assignments as well as track
current grades in all subject areas.
5) I will insure that my child is dressed in clothing in adherence to the dress code.

Areas specific to Parents:
6) I understand that it is my responsibility to provide transportation and lunch for my child.
7) I will actively participate in RMAE by volunteering my time. This may include participation at
Board meetings, committees, fundraisers, classroom projects, field trips etc. I understand that a
60 hour minimum for volunteering is recommended by all families.
8) I agree to read the Principal’s weekly newsletter, teacher newsletter, classroom coordinator’s
communication and check my child’s Friday Folder for pertinent information. I also agree to
attend parent-teacher conferences with my child’s teacher(s). I agree to view my child’s
Teacher Web Pages regularly, as well as Infinite Campus’ Parent Portal for grades 3rd-8th.
9) I understand that conversations with my child’s teacher are important and need to be
scheduled in advance. Drop-in visits to the classroom before, during, or after school are not
allowed. Inappropriate contact with teachers will not be tolerated and will result in mediation
with the Director.
10) I understand that teachers will check their voice mail and e-mail each day and will respond
within 24 hours. In any event, I understand that I can contact the Principal or the office for
11) I understand that I should not call my child’s teacher at his/her home or other personal phone
numbers to discuss my child or school situations unless my teacher has requested that I do so.
12) I understand that inappropriate behavior from parents is unacceptable and may result in a
meeting with the Director and a Board member. Inappropriate language by parents will not be
13) I agree to read, and review with my student(s), the RMAE Family Handbook and adhere to the
guidelines/procedures outlined therein.
14) I agree to pay my child’s RMAE student fees or make arrangements with the Financial Manager
to make timely payments.
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