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Student Parking 2019-2020
Student Parking Policy Agreement
1. Parking on school grounds during school hours is BY PERMIT ONLY. Students applying for a permit shall meet all other parking requirements. 2. North Carolina State Law and Haywood County Board of Education policy gives high school administrators the right to search all vehicles and their contents when parked on school property. Failure to submit to such a search constitutes insubordination and will result in permanent suspension of parking privilege, suspension from school and other disciplinary action as is appropriate. 3. The parking permit MUST be visible on front window. Permits are issued to the purchasing student only and may not be transferred or re-sold to another student. 4. Theft or loss of a permit shall be reported to the office immediately. Loss of a permit for ANY REASON will result in a $5.00 replacement charge, payable when the replacement permit is issued. 5. Student parking is RESTRICTED solely to areas designated for student parking. Students are not permitted to park in any areas designated for staff (numbered spaces), visitor or handicapped parking. 6. Once a student vehicle is parked, it is to be locked until the end of the school day. Students are urged not to bring valuables to school or leave them in their car. The school is not responsible for vandalism, damage, or theft of the vehicle or its contents. Liability for these issues continues to be the responsibility of the vehicle owner and student driver. 7. Students needing to return to their vehicle during the school day must have a car pass from the office. Students taking their vehicle to auto mechanics must have a hanging tag from auto teacher prior to moving the vehicle. 8. Any student entering or driving a vehicle without permission during the school day (including lunch time) shall be subject to school disciplinary procedures and/or lose their parking privileges. 9. Reasonable care and observance of safe driving practices will be expected on ALL school property and on roadways adjacent to Pisgah High School. Reckless driving, spinning tires, and any other unsafe driving behavior will not be permitted. Violation may result in school discipline and loss of parking privileges. 10. STUDENTS WILL LOSE THEIR PARKING PERMIT FOR A SPECIFIED AMOUNT OF TIME AFTER LEAVING SCHOOL WITHOUT PERMISSION, RECKLESS DRIVING, OTHER SECURITY VIOLATIONS, OR ANY VIOLATION INVOLVING THEIR VEHICLE ON OR ABOUT SCHOOL PROPERTY. 11. PARKING REGULATIONS MUST BE OBSERVED AT ALL TIMES. At a minimum, initial violations will result in a parking ticket. Any further violations may result in ticketing/fines and/or the vehicle being towed at the driver’s expense. Any vehicle parked on Pisgah High School property may be towed if it needs to be moved immediately. 12. A parking permit will not be issued to a student unless ALL outstanding financial obligations have been satisfied. This may include carryover of unpaid parking fines from the previous year. Meeting your obligations must be an ongoing responsibility if you wish to retain your parking privilege. 13. A student must be licensed and insured to park on Pisgah High School property. Students shall present their driver’s license prior to being issued a parking pass. 14. Students who violate parking regulations may receive a parking ticket. Penalties for parking tickets are as follows:Parking Violation: a. $5.00 fine or 5 day suspension of parking privilegeHandicap Parking Violation: b. $10.00 fine or 10 day suspension of parking privilege.Improper Driving: c. $10.00 fine or 10 day suspension of parking privilege. d. No Parking Permit: $10.00 fine for each offense to be paid prior to purchasing a parking permit or suspension of parking privilege. (Vehicles not displaying a parking permit are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.) 15. Students must exit their vehicle as soon as they arrive on campus and enter the buildings. Students who do not have after school obligations should leave school grounds as soon as school is dismissed. 16. North Carolina State Law requires that all students wear their seatbelts while operating a motor vehicle, both on and off campus.17. North Carolina State Law also prohibits any operator of a motor vehicle to text while driving. Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from talking on a cell phone while driving. These laws apply both on and off campus. If students are observed violating these laws by the School Resource Officer, they could be issued a state citation. Fines for these types of citations also carry a court cost of approximately $150.00.18. The fee for purchasing a parking pass if $30.00 per year. If a student’s parking privilege is suspended or revoked, the fee paid for the permit is NOT REFUNDABLE. Parking on school property is a privilege and not a right. If it is not used responsibly, it will be withdrawn. I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Pisgah High School Student Parking Policy as set forth in this document. I understand that parking at PHS is a privilege extended to me as a student and that I can lose this privilege if I fail to comply with these rules. I understand that my vehicle may be towed at my expense if I am found to be violating any of the above rules. I further acknowledge that Haywood County Schools and Pisgah High School cannot be held responsible for damages or loss due to vandalism, collision, or theft of my vehicle or its contents. *
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