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Teacher Research Group
The UCBHSSP Teacher Research Group (TRG) is looking to recruit up to sixteen teachers who will commit to attending and actively participating in monthly meetings, piloting new learning strategies to increase historical thinking among students, and developing presentations that can be shared with others. We anticipate that participating teachers will sharpen their conceptual understanding of historical thinking, gain confidence as a curricular innovator, and increase their facilitation and presentation skills. If you are interested in joining the 2017-2018 TRG, please complete this application by August 5, 2017. While we will continue to focus on historical thinking and academic literacy broadly, we will direct our 2017-2018 inquiry around the "ethical dimension" of history and integrating civic engagement into history course.

Anticipated Requirements:

-Attendance at 8 monthly meetings beginning in September (Wednesday evenings) - Tentative dates: 10/4, 11/8, 12/6, 1/24, 2/21, 3/21, 4/18, 5/16
-Testing of new or revised learning strategies to develop historical thinking between meetings
-Submission of 3 distinct sets of student work (Dec, Feb, May)
-Attendance at Leadership Boot Camp (Saturday)
-Be open to opportunities to share your learnings with other teachers

Teachers who meet all requirements, will be provided a stipend of $900.

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Grade Level
Elementary, Middle, High
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Specific Grades and Courses
e.g. 4/5, 9 only, 10 and 11, Ethnic Studies, Economics
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Have you participated in the Teacher Research Group before?
How would you rate your understanding of historical thinking?
How often do you use historical thinking to influence how you plan?
How often do you integrate explicit instruction of historical thinking into your lessons?
How have you integrated contemporary events or essential understandings into your history instruction?
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How have you explored ethical or moral questions with your students?
Particularly, how have you scaffolded these questions so that students are prepared to answer them with an understanding of content and context.
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We plan to focus on planning and instruction of the ethical dimension in history. Is this an area of inquiry that you would be interested in engaging in?
The ethical dimension is a concept named by scholar Peter Seixas, which encompasses the bringing of our own personal beliefs into our assessment of history and reckons with our responsibility to remember and respond to historical events.
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How would you describe your ability to collaborate with others?
This year we may spend time co-creating lessons with others.
How do you hope to grow your practice through your participation in TRG?
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Can you commit to:
If you are unable to commit to one of the items above, please provide an explanation here.
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Please type your name, signaling that you are aware of the responsibilities of TRG and excited to participate.
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Did someone recommend you for TRG? Please write their name below.
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Please share the name of a teacher that you recommend we reach out to and invite to apply and why you think they would be a good fit for TRG.
We are particularly looking to increase the number of elementary school teachers.
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