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Yellowstone Gateway Business Coalition is a diverse group of businesses, landowners and organizations that have joined together to protect our local economy from two proposed gold mines on the doorstep of Yellowstone National Park. We are a pro-business, pro-property rights group representing thousands of hardworking employees and their families. While not anti-mining, we recognize not all mining is created equal and not all places should be mined. Our gateway communities – surrounding Yellowstone – are no place for sulfide gold mines.  

We believe:

Private property rights are a core tenet of American free enterprise, but the rights of no industry shall impede upon the rights of other landowners, businesses and individuals.

Clean, cold water is essential to our livelihood and freedom, supplying fields and livestock, creating world-famous trout streams, and providing recreation and scenic wonder, as well as drinking water far downstream.

Outdoor recreation and access to public lands have always been important to our way of life and represent a rapidly growing sector of our economy.

World-class wildlife populations found in Yellowstone’s Gateway rely on clean water, healthy habitat and migration routes. This wildlife represents a natural resource for hunting, wildlife viewing and draws visitors from around the world.

Mining is an important part of Montana’s history and economy; however, not all mines are created the same, nor should all areas be mined.

Modern gold mining requires massive amounts of earth-moving traffic, unprecedented in the upper Yellowstone.  Sulfide-ore requires perpetual "safeguards" against acid-mine drainage, "safeguards" which have a troubling record of failure.

As a result, we believe industrialized sulfide-ore gold mining in Yellowstone’s Gateway is simply not worth the risk to our current and future economic prosperity and way of life.

We support practical, commonsense solutions that protect property rights while prohibiting sulfide-ore exploration and large-scale mining impacts to public lands in Paradise Valley, Emigrant Gulch, Crevice Mountain and the gateway to Yellowstone National Park.

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