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YAY FOR 100K!!😻 What started with just an idea of designing little things to remind us of BIG Truths has now become a community of encouragement in our daily wanderings. Prone To Wander LA celebrates you - yes you who have prayed, emailed, encouraged, and supported us. We now have 100K followers!😱 "100K" is not just a number for us. It's a proof that indeed, little things CAN create BIG impact. 👏🏻

Today, let's pay it forward. If you have been blessed by this community, we want you to find a friend who could also use a daily reminder or encouragement in the form of a phone case! YOUR CHOSEN FRIEND WILL RECEIVE A CASE FOR FREE! 😃 💕 TEN winners will be chosen. The contest will run from July 25th until July 28th so send in your entry now!

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