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Lyme Public Library Survey 2019
Please answer the following questions. Any additional comments you can provide will help us improve our services.
1. Have you or your family used the Lyme Public Library in the past year?
2. Why don't you use the Lyme Public Library (check all that apply)
3. Why do you visit the Library (check all that apply)
4. Did you know the Library provides many digital services? Download books, magazines, music, videos, and stream concerts. Learn over 70 languages online. Access to statewide catalogs and collected databases.
5. Are there other services you would like the library to provide? (check all that apply)
6. How do you find out about the Library's programs and services? (check all that apply)
7. How could the Library or its services be improved?
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8. Would you like to participate in a focus group to further explore how to improve the Library and its services? If so, please provide your name, phone & email so we can contact you.
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Thank you for your input!
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