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6/23 Servas仲夏歡樂日 Mid-Summer Happy Day
Servas Taiwan 2018第二季的分享會訂於6/23(六)下午舉行. 這個時間剛剛進入夏至, 除了下午的分享會, 活動還會延伸至晚上的大安森林公園, 在戶外微風輕拂的仲夏夜, 讓我們一起共度美好的夏日時光.
The quarterly Servas Taiwan meeting will be held on June 23, 2018 (Saturday). It’s time that everywhere in the world just welcome the coming of summer solstice. We will introduce how the world celebrate the coming of mid summer. Also, 3 Servas members will share their Servas experience. Afterwards, we will go to Da-An Forest Park to have picnic on a cool mid-summer night. It’s also show time for our members to present a variety of performances. Welcome to join us!!!

★ 活動時間 Date : June 23, 2018 (Saturday) ★

Part 1: Servas Taiwan分享會 (15:30-17:30) Servas Experience Sharing Gathering

★ 活動地點 Place ★

流浪ing旅遊書店(台北市溫州街74巷3弄2號1樓,捷運綠線台電大樓站2號出口, 步行約8分鐘)
Nomading Travel Bookshop (1F, No. 2, Alley 3, Lane 74, Wenzhou Street, Metro GREEN line, TaiPower Building Station, exit 2, 8-min walking distance)

★ 活動流程Itinerary ★

12:30-14:30 理監事會議 Boarding Meeting
15:00-15:30 會員報到 Registration
15:30-17:00 仲夏主題介紹及會員精彩分享 Servas Experience Sharing Gathering

* 講者1: 林大衛: 天天驚喜天, 一家五口的美西Servas之旅
1st Speaker: Darway Lin: Traveling with surprises every day–my Servas trip in the USA with my family of 5
* 講者2: 張玲郁: 5年3訪新加坡? 熱血沸騰的新加坡Servas之旅
2nd Speaker: Ling-Yu Chang: Visit Singapore 3 times in 5 years? - my passionate trips in Singapore
* 講者3: 楊克平: 輕鬆當好Host/Day Host workshop
3rd Speaker: Pamela Yang: Host Servas travelers with ease Workshop

17:00-17:30 自由交流 Free Talking

Part 2: 仲夏歡樂夜 (18:00-20:00) Mid-Summer Happy Night

★ 活動地點: 大安森林公園 Place: Da-An Forest Park ★
★ 活動內容 Activity
18:00-20:00 仲夏夜草地野餐/餘興節目表演
Mid-summer night picnic/A variety of performances by members
Each participant brings his/her own dinner.

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