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NRHS Concussion Form
The Newfound Area School District recognizes that concussions and head injuries are commonly reported injuries in children who participate in athletics

Newfound Regional High School uses the ImPACT concussion testing program for all athletes. All NASD athletes 6-12, will take the baseline test before the will be permitted to practice/tryout. They will retake the baseline test every 2 years

In 2012, Gov. Lynch signed into law SB402 that puts additional awareness on the part of the schools, parents and athletes. the program at Newfound wants to educate all of the potential serious brain injuries that concussions can become, if not treated.

If there is a possible concussion the coach must remove the athlete from further competition that day. Parents will be notified. The athlete will be directed to take the ImPACT within 24-72 hours. A parent/guardian should take the child for emergency services, either through the athlete's personal physician or the hospital emergency room, if symptoms warrant.

After taking the ImPACT test, the school nurse and the athletic director/coordinator will be notified if there are signs and/or symptoms of a possible concussion. The parent will again be notified. The athletic programs at NRHS and NMMS have a protocol to follow before allowing the athlete to return to practice. There also is a process to be followed before the athlete will be allowed to participate in competitive action.

In addition, the Guidance Office will be notified, and will in turn notify the appropriate staff members.

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