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Parent Survey 2018-19
As a parent or caregiver, your involvement in your child's learning and school is valuable and important. This survey asks for your opinions about what your child's school does to get you involved in your child's education. Your individual responses, which may help us improve connections with parents and families, will remain confidential. Results will only be reported as part of a group.

For each statement below, please check one answer that most closely matches your opinion on your child's school this current year. If your do not know or think you do not have enough information to answer, please select "I don't know."

1. I receive information on what I can do at home to help my child improve or advance his/her learning. *
2. I receive information on health and nutrition. *
3. I receive information on child development. *
4. My child's teacher asks to meet with me face to face at least once a year to talk about how my child is doing. *
5. My child's school is very good about staying in touch with me (e.g., newsletters, notes, phone calls or e-mails). *
6. When my child's school communicates with me, it is easy for me to read or understand. *
7. If I have a question, concern or comment about my child, the teacher, principal or guidance counselor gets back to me in a timely manner. *
8. The school holds Literacy Nights/Academic Nights, College Credit Plus meetings, etc. so that I can learn about what is going on in the school. *
9. There are many different opportunities for me to be involved with the school. *
10. I receive regular updates from the teacher on my child's progress. (e.g., Progress Book, Class Dojo, notes sent home) *
11. I receive information on what my child should learn and be able to do in each grade in school. *
12. My child's teacher(s) adjust their teaching styles to meet the academic needs of my child. *
13. I believe my child is challenged by the school's academic curriculum. *
14. My child's teacher(s) hold high expectations for my child. *
15. My child receives the academic support needed to meet his/her individual needs. *
16. I am asked what my goals are for my child's learning. *
17. I am asked or informed about what classes or programs my child should take for his/her college or career path. *
18. I am asked about my child's talents and strengths. *
19. I am aware I have opportunities to help plan family involvement activities (e.g., Academic Nights, PTO sponsored events, etc.). *
20. I am given information about community services that help families' needs (adult education, job, health, mental health, utilities, etc.). *
21. I am given information about services to support my child's learning and behavior needs and enhance his or her talents (tutoring, mentoring, camps, career exploration). *
22. The school helps my child feel comfortable as he/she moves from one grade to the next. *
23. My involvement in my child's education is encouraged at my school. *
24. My child's school is a friendly environment for students, parents and families. *
25. My child's school is a safe place to learn. *
26. My child's school respects all cultures and diversity. *
I would use the following supports if they were offered. *
Health Care / Medical
Parenting Classes
Networking with other families
Mental Health / Addiction Services
Please provide any comments or suggestions below on what the school could do to better support your involvement in your child's learning and school.
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Your child's grade level: (Circle) *
Your relationship to child in this school. *
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